Wave of New Citizens Seek Radical Life Change in the Federation of Damanhur

By Federation Of Damanhur, PRNE
Tuesday, January 18, 2011

TURIN, Italy, January 19, 2011 - Photo (

An enthusiastic response to New Life, a call for new citizens
to live in the spiritual eco-society of Damanhur in northern Italy, signals a
growing desire for sustainable life change.

The Federation of Damanhur, (www.damanhur.org) at the
foothills of the Piedmont Alps in northern Italy, is a laboratory for the
future of humankind based on ethical and spiritual values, with its own
complementary currency, constitution, schools, daily newspaper, integrated
medical center and research laboratories. Damanhur is known worldwide because
its citizens have constructed the Temples of Humankind (
www.thetemples.org) an underground contemporary cathedral dedicated to
the spiritual awakening of humankind, which has been defined by many visitors
as the "Eighth Wonder of the World." (

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The New Life project offers the opportunity for full immersion
as citizens in Damanhur, which is open to everyone even on a temporary basis
for the first time. Since the initial message was sent on September 26, 2010,
more than 1,000 people have contacted Damanhur with interest in New Life, and
right now, 160 people are coming to take part in the project. Many new
citizens have already arrived and others are arriving in the coming months.

These new citizens are bringing fresh energy and innovation to
Damanhur while it is in a period of intense social transformation. The new
citizens themselves benefit from a direct learning experience of living in
community and actively creating a new society based on solidarity, respect
for nature and the environment, spiritual awareness and creativity. New Life
is putting Damanhur to the test in welcoming diversity, as the participants
who have arrived are from 20 different countries in Europe and the world.

The values of Damanhur are attracting ever more people who get
the importance of equitable and sustainable community life. Damanhur has been
awarded by the United Nations Global Settlements Forum as a model for a
sustainable future, and has been recognized as embodying the values of the
Earth Charter, a declaration of principles promoting community life, human
rights and ecological integrity. Damanhur is also active in the Global
Ecovillage Network.

For more information, please contact Quail Chi at +39-348-8372446,
+39-348-3423796 or email pressoffice@damanhur.it

For more information, please contact Quail Chi at +39-348-8372446,
+39-348-3423796 or email pressoffice at damanhur.it

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