New Swedish Traceability Technology Can Revolutionize the Global Forestry Industry

By Otmetka Log Marking Ab, PRNE
Wednesday, June 30, 2010

STOCKHOLM, July 1, 2010 - The growth company OTMETKA Log Marking AB is now, after ten years'
development work, most of which has been carried out in silence, ready to
present the marking system Woodpecker, with its huge financial, environmental
and social advantages for the forestry industry and society as a whole.

Woodpecker is a patented system with sole rights in all the important
forestry industry countries. It can guarantee full traceability of the timber
from where the tree grew in the forest to the saw. The system can even be
linked with existing bar code systems and thereby create traceability all the
way out to the retail trade. This makes it possible to mark every log with an
automatic ID code when it is felled with a harvester.

Disclosure of this technology is taking place at a time when there is
huge demand for the traceability of timber. At the beginning of July (5-8
July), the European Parliament shall decide upon legislation to prevent the
trade of illegal timber. It has been indicated that there will be sharper
wording and that companies that import or sell wood or wooden products within
the EU may need to take active measures to prevent such trade. Critics fear
that the demand for traceability will lead to higher costs, complications and
bureaucracy. But it can instead lead to the opposite.

The advantages of the Woodpecker system are significant and multifaceted.
Besides preventing illegal felling, corruption, money laundering and
distorted competition within the forestry industry, the system can make
timber handling much more efficient through improved logistics and provide
better security in business transactions with timber. Certification systems
that demand traceability can also receive automatic receipts that
traceability regulations have been followed with, among other things,
increased biological variety as a result.

- The system can create completely new opportunities throughout the
processing chain where industry has plenty to win, says Bengt Sorvik, CEO and
founder of the Swedish company.

Only practical testing of the technology remains and the company is now
looking for proactive partners, clients and investors in order to launch
Woodpecker. If all goes well, the system is expected to be up and running in
connection with next year's international forestry trade fair, Elmia Wood, in

OTMETKA Log Marking AB is a public limited company with over 50
shareholders. The name OTMETKA is the Russian word for mark that can loosely
be translated to approved.

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Bengt Sörvik, CEO, OTMETKA Log Marking, tel: +46-70-516-12-52, +46-18-35-13-00, info at; Anne Nilsson, press contact, tel: +46-70-517-38-76

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