Physicians Across US Now Have Access to Hundreds of Home-Based Billers on

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

WILMINGTON, Delaware, May 19, 2011 - Physicians and Practice Managers across all specialties confidently
outsource to experienced billers who choose to work from home but provide
doctors efficient services in generating electronic claims, reviewing codes
and modifiers, posting payments, and following up with account receivables
for insurance payers and patients.

Even though most of the small and medium offices prefer to outsource
their medical billing and coding processes to home-based billers, but the
fact that these billers are often unavailable makes it difficult for the
Practice Managers to locate them.

These home-based billers have low visibility and do not invest in
reaching out to potential physician clients unlike billing companies who are
all over the internet. Home-based Billers generally close business by word of
mouth or references through physicians, this may not be the easiest or
fastest way to be visible to new clients. (
provides a platform for the home-based billers that not only helps the
billers gain high visibility but also makes the task of locating medical
billers easier for the physicians. This is basically in keeping with the
objective of wherein the consortium aims to
service physicians locally and also provide the best medical billers and
coders who are experienced in specific specialties and software.

Home-based billers are preferred due to the flexibility and high level of
customer service they provide; they always put the need of the Practices
before their own and make genuine efforts to help the Practices manage their
revenue cycle in a cost effective manner.

The other advantage of using home-based billers lies in the fact that the
physicians do not have to procure and maintain billing software and face the
hassle of electronic medical billing. All these formalities are looked after
by a specialist biller who has a ready infrastructure to support their
billing process. Physicians save a significant amount of time and expense on
administrative jobs and at the same time are able to comply with any
government policy related to Healthcare - IT integration.

These home-based billers keep themselves updated about government
regulations and often guide Practices well in advance about the changes, if
any, on compliance issues and reimbursement policies.

Home-based billers also realize that as they are often not available to
physicians they are never contacted for additional clients. They understand
the need for a platform to increase their visibility so as to provide the
physicians with abundant choice and hence has
seen a surge in the number of home-based billers joining the consortium.

Physicians have been impressed with the reach of our consortium and
specialized services, which include physician credentialing, denial
management, writing appeals, and process flow set-up for various practices. is being seen as the revolution in locating
billers and coders nationally and the quality of billers available on the
portal is considered by far the best.

About is the largest 'Consortium of Medical Billers
and Coders,' across the US. The portal brings together hundreds of billers,
with experience in different specialties, on the same platform to service
physicians in their local areas. This network of coders and billers is
growing rapidly and is currently servicing over 50 specialty physicians,
across the US, with the most prominent being Cardiology (,
Mental Health (
, Dental (, and
General Practice.

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