Plastic is Not Fantastic

By Sodastream, PRNE
Wednesday, April 13, 2011

LONDON, April 14, 2011 - British supermodel and environmentalist Erin O'Connor has
teamed up with SodaStream to launch "A World Without Bottles", a campaign to
raise awareness of plastic bottle waste and its devastating effects on the

Erin's involvement follows new research out today that reveals
a shocking 63% of British adults do not know how the 13.1 billion* plastic
bottles - over 500 per household - used annually by UK households could
damage the environment.

What's more, Brits hugely underestimate the amount of bottle
waste they generate; with 42% of adults believing they use between 1-5
bottles a week in their household when the actual figure is double that.

Known for her green credentials as much as her famous walk,
Erin O'Connor is spearheading a new drive to educate consumers on the
benefits of 'precycling', the practice of trying to reduce waste before
recycling is necessary in the first place as according to SodaStream's
research 43% of consumers recycle less than half of their plastic bottle

Shattering the illusion that children are more eco-aware then
adults, the research also shows that a near identical 61% of children are
also in the dark about the specific effects of plastic bottle overuse on the
environment. Despite this, 67% adults still assume that their kids are more
aware of the environmental issues around bottle overuse than they were at
their age.

Hope may be on the horizon as the research shows the
willingness to go green: 50 per cent of children say they actively encourage
their parents to be more environmentally-friendly and 69% of children say
they would use less plastic bottles if their parents did.

Erin comments: "We take plastic bottles for granted in our everyday lives
but it's easy to forget that plastic bottle overuse and wastage can clog up
our landfill sites, seap toxic chemicals into the ground and take thousands
of years to decompose.

By precycling you can help tackle the problem by avoiding plastic in the
first place. SodaStream is one way to help reduce plastic bottle waste in our
everyday lives."

Fiona Hope, Managing Director of SodaStream UK, comments:
"With so many environmental issues competing for the public's attention,
bottle waste often gets forgotten. Yet reducing the casual use of plastic
bottles is one of the easiest, most impactful we can do for the environment."

SodaStream is committed to reducing bottle waste; its reusable
carbonating bottle is estimated to save 2000 bottles and cans in 3 years.

Notes to Editors


**Consumer research carried out between 23rd and 25th March
among a nationally representative sample of adults and children.

- SodaStream drinks makers enable consumers to transform tap
water into fizzy drinks in seconds, eliminating the need for bottled fizzy
water and bottled soft drinks

- Each of the single 500ml containers of SodaStream concentrate produces
12 litres of soft drink and each of these can replace 24 500ml PET bottles

- SodaStream offers a range of 30 different flavours and is a great
alternative to pre-mixed drinks

- To mark the launch of "A World Without Bottles", SodaStream,
which has introduced a Limited Edition green and white drinks maker in
specially designed packaging that highlights the campaign messages. Each
purchase will be matched by a donation from SodaStream to The Water Project,
which helps to make clean drinking water available to deprived communities in

About The Water Project

- The Water Project, Inc. is a non-profit organization bringing relief to
communities around the world who suffer needlessly from a lack of access to
clean, safe water. For more information please visit

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