Promon Shield - Offering Zeus Protection

By Promon As, PRNE
Tuesday, October 12, 2010

OSLO, October 13, 2010 - Zeus is posing the main cyber threat towards online banking services
today. The Zeus Trojan is a sophisticated and highly adaptive malware
toolkit. Infection typically takes place through drive-by-downloads and
phishing attacks. Recent reports from NetMediaEurope mention Zeus being
responsible for a loss of $70 million for US banks and GBP6 million for UK

Conventional security solutions experience problems stopping Zeus.
Several articles on the internet mention that over 50% of the Zeus infected
systems run with updated Anti-virus software. Earlier this year it was
discovered that Zeus is also targeting SMS-TAN authentication solutions on
mobile phones.

While the end user starts the online banking session, Zeus enters the
browser and gains control over the user's bank account. Zeus then invisibly
changes the communication between user and bank; he can steal data and
manipulate transactions without the end user noticing it. Promon Shield
protects the user against Spyware and Trojans like Zeus by stopping it from
entering the browser.

Without browser access, Zeus is not able to grab and manipulate the
necessary data to perform a successful attack. Promon Shield is a small,
dedicated, security module which is automatically delivered by the service
provider (typically the bank) without bothering the user. Every time the user
enters the online bank account, Promon Shield provides a secure browser
session which is kept Trojan free.

The Promon solution is unique because of its

    - integrated protection as part of the web service

    - proactive and real time protection

    - automatic (on demand) delivery to the user without bothering the user;
      small overhead

    - non-intrusiveness; no other programs on the client are affected

Promon will present this technology at the Itsa in Nuremberg from 19.10
- 21.10 on the stand 356 and in several live hacking sessions.

About Promon

Promon is a Norwegian company that develops and distributes technology
designed to detect and foil attacks against computer systems. Its patent
pending developments have been successful in combating a wide range of
attacks including malware that causes financial fraud as well as identity and
data theft.

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