Pushchair-aholics Have a Garage Full

By Pushchair Trader, PRNE
Sunday, June 12, 2011

BOSTON, England, June 13, 2011 -

Thousands of unused pushchairs are lurking in the nation’s homes and
garages but parents still have their favourites and seem reluctant to dispose
of them, a survey has found.

Pushchair Trader, the ultimate website for the UK’s pushchair-aholics,
asked its plethora of fans how many pushchairs they own, and uncovered more
than a few dusty pushchairs in the garage.

Eight out of ten people surveyed claimed to own pushchairs that they
simply do not use, as it was found that on average at least four pushchairs
per family were lurking around the home. The pushchair-aholics admitted to
only using two of the four sets of baby-wheels they had in storage.

In most cases more children equalled more pushchairs, with the exception
of parents with more than four little ones. Parents with more than four
children, had on average, the same number of pushchairs, or fewer, than
parents with just one child.

Bugaboo and Quinny came out on top with almost a quarter of people
identifying a Bugaboo pushchair as their favourite. Four out of ten
pushchair-aholics specifically identified the Bugaboo Cameleon as their
favourite model.

Parents from across the country were eager to take part in the survey,
with Pushchair Trader receiving responses from Scotland to Somerset from mums
and dads of different ages ranging from twenties to 45-plus.

A self-confessed pushchair-aholic, Heather Bilton, says: “I’ve had more
than 100 pushchairs over the years, some of which have been the same model
but in different colours. Pushchair Trader is a really important community
and resource; it’s so helpful for parents to share their views on the
pushchairs they have found to be the best over the years because other
parents are comforted by a review that they know they can trust.”

Pushchair Expert, Jo Studholme, Pushchair Trader, says: “The overwhelming
response has highlighted the most loved brands and that parents tend to have
more pushchairs than they need. We are amazed everyday by how much people
love pushchairs. It’s such an important and expensive purchase when having a
child and parents want to get it right first time so they will spend a lot of
time researching.”

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