Q8Aviation Adds Frankfurt-Hahn and Liège to its Growing Network of Regional Airports

By Kuwait Petroleum International Aviation Company Ltd kpiac, PRNE
Monday, May 3, 2010

WOKING, England, May 4, 2010 - Q8Aviation, one of the world's leading providers of jet fuel,
has strengthened its network of European airports with the recent addition of
Frankfurt-Hahn and Liège.

Frankfurt-Hahn, located 120 kilometres west of Frankfurt, operates
primarily as an airport for low-cost carriers and is also Germany's fourth
largest cargo airport. Despite the economic downturn, Frankfurt-Hahn has
continued to increase both its passenger and cargo business in recent years.
Q8Aviation launched fuelling operations in April 2010 and has already secured
its first customer.

Q8Aviation has also won its first customer at Liège with United Air
Services (UAS). Liège, in the east of Belgium, is another important freight
airport, ranked amongst the top ten in Europe.

Andrew Westmoreland, Managing Director of Q8Aviation, comments: "The
addition of Frankfurt-Hahn and Liège to our network is a logical move.
Q8Aviation has invested heavily in state-of-the-art import facilities at Le
Havre and Rotterdam, enabling us to provide airports across North-West Europe
with a secure and reliable fuel supply. We are therefore actively seeking
opportunities to further expand our regional network with airports that can
benefit from these facilities."

Notes to Editors

Q8Aviation is the sixth largest supplier of jet fuel in the world.

Founded in 1983, the company is owned by Kuwait Petroleum
Corporation (KPC), the state company responsible for managing Kuwait's
substantial oil businesses worldwide. The KPC Group has the fourth largest
oil reserves in the world and is the leading jet fuel producer in the Middle
, providing Q8Aviation with a unique 'well head to wing tip' fuel supply.

Q8Aviation provides jet fuel to around 200 airlines at more
than 60 airports across Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Far East. In
addition, Q8Aviation has the expertise to provide a wide range of technical
services, including inspections of fuelling procedures and facilities and the
provision of training, to companies worldwide.

Q8Aviation head office is based in Woking, UK. Visit:

For further information, please contact Debbie Valentine, Public Relations Consultant, on +44(0)1428-683616/ + 44(0)7962-059180 or debbevalentine at btinternet.com

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