Rasa's Semiconductor Silicon Wafer Reclaim Processing Business Assets Sold to RSTec (Japan)

By Global Silicon Technologies Inc., PRNE
Monday, December 13, 2010

TOKYO, December 14, 2010 - Rasa Industries, Ltd., Tokyo, Japan announces the asset sale of their
Sanbongi plant's reclaim operation, to RS Technologies (RSTec), a newly
formed Japanese company. RSTec (Japan) is a joint venture between Eiki Shoji
Co, Ltd., (Japan) and Global Silicon Technologies, Inc. (GST), a USA company
with holdings of North East Silicon Technologies, Inc. (Nestec), Southwest
Silicon Technology, Corp. (SST), and West European Silicon Technologies, B.V.

The silicon wafer reclaim operations at the Sanbongi facilities will
continue with the current capacity intact, as RSTec structures the new
organization with the transfer of existing Rasa employees.

"We are confident that RSTec will continue the high quality and service
that the Rasa name is known for," says, CEO of Eiki Shoji, Mr. Yong Yi Fang.

Mr. Fred Schiele, CEO of GST, states, "We look forward to continuing all
customer relationships and maintaining a worldwide presence in the
semiconductor industry."

Mr. Jun Kondo, Rasa Industries, Ltd. Japan, akondo at rstec.jp, or Mr. Issey Osawa, Eiki Shoji Co, Ltd. Japan, osawa at eikishoji.co.jp, or Mr. Fred Schiele, Global Silicon Technologies, Inc. USA, +1-508-951-2106 cell, fschiele at nestecsilicon.com

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