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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

DALLAS, Texas, July 27, 2011 -

ReportsnReports Announces it Will Carry Reports on Oil Markets 2011 & Gas Markets 2011 for Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei Darussalam, New Zealand, Germany, UK and Other Countries in its Store

GlobalData’s latest market research reports cover the 2011 Oil Markets and 2011 Gas Markets for countries like Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei Darussalam, New Zealand, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Germany and The United Kingdom.

The reports on Oil Markets 2011 & Gas Markets 2011are an essential source for top-level energy industry data and information. These reports provide an overview of each of the key sub-segments of the energy industry in the concerned country. They detail the market structure, regulatory environment, and infrastructure as well as provide historical and forecasted statistics relating to the supply/demand balance for each of the key sub-segments. They also provide information relating to the crude oil assets (oil fields, refineries, pipelines and storage terminals) and natural gas assets (gas fields, pipelines and LNG terminals) in the concerned country. These reports compare the investment environment in concerned country with other countries in the region. The profiles of the major companies operating in the crude oil sector and natural gas sector in the concerned country together with the latest news and deals are also included in the report.

Here is the list of Oil & Gas Markets 2011reports available for different countries:

  1. Indonesia Oil Markets, 2011
  2. Malaysia Oil Markets, 2011
  3. Brunei Darussalam Gas Markets, 2011
  4. Indonesia Gas Markets, 2011
  5. Malaysia Gas Markets, 2011
  6. New Zealand Gas Markets, 2011
  7. Germany Oil Markets, 2011
  8. Kuwait Oil Markets, 2011
  9. Qatar Oil Markets, 2011
  10. Saudi Arabia Oil Markets, 2011
  11. The United Kingdom Oil Markets, 2011

Scope of these reports on Oil & Gas Markets for 2011:

  • Historic and forecast data relating to production, consumption, imports, exports and reserves are provided for each industry sub-segment for the period 2000-2020.
  • Historical and forecast data and information for all the major oil fields, refineries, pipelines and storage terminals and all the major gas fields, (Liquified Natural Gas) LNG Terminals and pipelines in concerned country for the period 2000-2015.
  • Operator and equity details for major crude oil assets and major natural gas assets in concerned country.
  • Key information relating to market regulations, key energy assets and the key companies operating in the concerned country’s energy industry.
  • Information on the top companies in the concerned country including business description, strategic analysis, and financial information.
  • Product and brand updates, strategy changes, R&D projects, corporate expansions and contractions and regulatory changes.
  • Key mergers and acquisitions, partnerships, private equity and venture capital investments, and IPOs.

Additionally, also has the following latest reports on LNG Terminals Market,  Oil & Gas Pipelines, Monthly Deals Analysis and other related reports:

  • Planned LNG Terminals Market - Global Analysis, Competitive Landscape and Capacity Forecasts to 2016
  • Planned Oil and Gas Pipelines - Global Market Analysis, Competitive Landscape and Major Projects to 2015
  • Oil and Gas Monthly Deals Analysis - M&A and Investment Trends, July 2011
  • Power Monthly Deal Analysis - M&A and Investment Trends, July 2011

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