Salford Lads Star in TV Advert

Sunday, March 27, 2011

MANCHESTER, England, March 28, 2011 - Eight Salford Lads are the stars of a new TV advert on Sky Sports.

The advert was commissioned by bookmakers Betfred to support their
involvement in Rugby League this season. The advert will be shown at half
time during every televised game on Sky Sports.

The eight stars of the advert either work for the Salford City Reds
Foundation or used to play for Salford's academy.

The commercial features the tense build up to a rugby league game,
intercut with dramatic action. Betfred's Head of Media Mark Pearson is
delighted with the advert.

"What was most important was to make sure the advert was realistic
because it's hard to recreate the drama of sport. That's why I'm very
grateful to Salford City Reds for letting us use the Willows and for
providing eight lads who were all outstanding. They were all completely
natural and professional in front of camera."

The Head of Salford City Reds Foundation John Blackburn had organised the
eight players, "The Foundation was delighted to help, the only problem now
all the lads want agents!"

The advert was created by Manchester Design and Post
production company, Editz.

"We really wanted to create something with stand out value,
something that wouldn't alienate true rugby league fans and something that
showed the passion of the game," said Rob Pickard, Editz Creative Director.'s new commercial can be viewed at

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