SEI Study: Hedge Fund Managers Must Focus on Risk Management to Capitalize on Renewed Investor Commitment

By Sei, PRNE
Monday, January 17, 2011

Risk Management Infrastructure and Risk Reporting Take on New Prominence for Institutional Investors

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates, January 18, 2011 - Institutional investors are bolstering their commitment to hedge funds,
but expect greater transparency and solid risk management infrastructures
from managers, according to an annual global study released today by SEI
(Nasdaq: SEIC) in collaboration with Greenwich Associates. The report,
entitled "Institutional Hedge Fund Investing Comes of Age: A New Perspective
on the Road Ahead" and available at,
indicates a need for hedge fund managers to enhance their risk management
infrastructure and risk reporting, and institutionalize transparency policies
to attract new capital, satisfy anxious investors, and protect their
reputations. The study also revealed the importance of fund managers clearly
articulating how their investment strategies add value to investors'
portfolios, which presents an opportunity for managers to differentiate
themselves through market-leading client service, reporting, and education.

The study results found that institutional investors' confidence in hedge
funds is growing, as more than half (54 percent) of all survey respondents
said they plan to increase target allocations over the next 12 months. That
confidence is conditional, however, as the demand for increased transparency
and risk management were recurring themes throughout this year's study. In
fact, the focus on risk management infrastructure emerged as the second most
important hedge fund selection criteria this year, with 75 percent of
respondents deeming it "very important." Notably, it was not among the top
ten selection factors in SEI's report last year. Only clarity of investment
philosophy ranked higher than risk management, with 79 percent deeming it
"very important" — emphasizing the growing demand among investors for
transparency and understandable investment strategies.

"The study confirms what we have been seeing and hearing from our clients
– that investors are committed to hedge funds, but managers must get and
keep investors comfortable with their investment decision," said Phil
, Managing Director for SEI's Investment Manager Services division.
"Managers must differentiate themselves through increased transparency,
enhanced risk management, and reporting as well as better overall client
service to gain and retain assets post-financial crisis and post-Madoff.
We've been making investments in new technologies and enhancing our services
to help our clients do just that over the past 18 months and we'll continue
to help them stay ahead of the curve."

Transparency is still a concern, as more than two-thirds (70 percent) of
those polled pointed to a lack of transparency as their biggest worry, up
from 56 percent in 2009. As for the types of information sought, more than
three out of four respondents want risk analytics from managers — a category
of information that didn't even appear in the top 10 last year. Liquidity
remains top-of-mind as well, as more than half (58 percent) of investors
named liquidity risk their biggest worry in hedge fund investing, with more
than 40 percent saying they have taken steps to enhance the liquidity of
their hedge fund investments.

The report also noted that investors are not relying on regulation to
improve hedge fund disclosure, liquidity, or risk management. Nearly
one-third (30 percent) of respondents cite "limited regulation" as a primary
concern of hedge fund investing. As investors are proactively seeking to have
their concerns addressed, managers are responding.

"The hedge fund managers best equipped to compete prospectively will be
those able to clearly articulate their value proposition and source of alpha,
as well as demonstrate institutional-quality operations and risk management
infrastructure," says Masterson.

The white paper is published by the SEI Knowledge Partnership, which
provides ongoing business intelligence and guidance to SEI's investment
manager clients.

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