Sustainable Construction Projects Within the Kingdom are on the Rise

By Iqpc Middle East, PRNE
Saturday, January 15, 2011

DUBAI, UAE, January 16, 2011 - Saudi Arabia has adopted sustainability as a fundamental focus in the
Kingdom's recent boom in construction projects. The Saudi Green Building
Council and local authorities are committed to developing a set of green
building codes for the country which will enhance sustainability through the
Kingdom's culture, heritage and national identity.

Saudi Arabia's growing sustainable industry and booming economy are being
driven by the construction industry which is currently valued at SR 1
trillion. However, the Kingdom also faces a unique set of challenges such as;
regional specific energy and resource requirements, conflicting priorities
from stakeholders and the addition of international and regional codes. This
is further complicated by recent sustainable regulatory changes in
neighboring Middle Eastern countries. Therefore, now is the perfect time to
review how project teams in the Kingdom are effectively tackling these

The Saudi market is preparing for the development and incorporation of
regional specific sustainable regulations many of which will be discussed at
IQPC's 2nd Annual Cost-Effective Design & Construction Kingdom of Saudi
Arabia conference, to be held at the Riyadh Marriott between 13 - 16 March
. Sultan Faden, Founding Member of the Saudi Green Building Council will
share his perspective on complying with current and future sustainable
building codes in the Kingdom by examining the impact of international and
regional building codes on the construction industry. He will also evaluate
initiatives which encourage the adoption of certified and rated building
projects and review recommendations in promoting sustainable practices and

Sultan Faden will be joined by Kishan Khoday, Simon Clouston and Stephen
as they review the role of the United Nations Business Partnerships in
achieving green buildings and applying the Estidama Pearl Rating System.
Speakers will also discuss sustainability from a local perspective.

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For more information contact Michelle Petiza, Marketing Manager, IQPC Middle East. Email enquiry at or call +971-4-364-2975

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