Sekimia's "Mindset": Embrace the Thinking of the Board and of Your Senior Management

By Sekimia, PRNE
Friday, June 18, 2010

BEIRUT, Lebanon, June 20, 2010 - Sekimia enhanced its demonstration capabilities by introducing
its "Mindset" framework. As portrayed, the "Mindset" section is the "Grammar"
pertaining to the "Language" Sekimia's mantra is advocating. The Mindset is
part of the ongoing v2 software development and focuses on various visual
representations of Business Security needs and IT Security impacts.

Sekimia believes it is crucial, for arbitration purposes, to
benchmark business security and continuity needs during the "determining BCM
strategies" phase of the BS25999 BCM life-cycle. Indeed, business process
owners often express several continuity needs on the underlying resources
they use. Besides, several owners express different continuity needs on a
same shared resource. When decision time arrives, Top Management is bound to
arbitrate between at least two different needs weighing on the same resource.
This is why Sekimia opted for representing Business Continuity needs across
several business lines versus Gross Income per business line.

Hence, Top Management is presented with all necessary "visual"
and quantitative data allowing them to take appropriate strategic decisions
pertaining to business continuity.

By visually representing needs, an analyst could perform a
coherence check on a business' specificities regarding security and business
continuity considerations. Indeed, a credit card issuance business seeking
PCI-DSS compliance should naturally be highly demanding on Integrity and
Traceability. At the opposite, a business dealing with payroll will be much
more demanding on Confidentiality and Integrity. This constitutes also an
appropriate framework for identifying business lines that are more prone to
adhere to a specific security approach. For example, cryptography should be
suggested to a business line well aware of confidentiality and integrity
requirements whereas log management would be more easily "sold" to a business
aiming at PCI-DSS compliance, etc. This seems the most appropriate way to
identify corporate pioneers on a particular set of security cornerstones. It
also leads to the avoidance of security over and under-spending.

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About Sekimia

Sekimia was founded in 2008 in the sole aim of allowing
information security and business continuity practitioners to "Speak Security
in the Language of Business".

Sekimia's software solutions and services use Business Process
Management (BPM) as an efficient cross functional communication enabler.
Sekimia's packaged methodologies break corporate silos and nurture the
projects transversal aspects. They allow concerned practitioners gain
interdisciplinary skills and engage a constructive dialog with business
representatives on information security and business continuity.


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