SiSense Prism Business Intelligence Solution Selected by WeFi to Analyze Massive Data Sets

By Sisense Ltd, PRNE
Monday, January 10, 2011

Ease of Implementation, Query Performance, Business User Autonomy and Lower Total Cost of Ownership Cited as Main Reasons for the Choice

TEL AVIV, Israel, January 11, 2011 - SiSense, a provider of leading-edge business intelligence (BI)
solutions, announced that its Prism BI software ( was selected by WeFi to analyze
and report on a rapidly-growing database of more than 600 million rows of
data. WeFi is a Web-based business dedicated to helping its millions of users
find and enjoy the more than 75,000,000 Wi-Fi access points around the world
cataloged in its system.

WeFi was looking for a business intelligence solution
( that would
quickly perform advanced reporting and analysis over large amounts of data,
including the behavior of millions of WeFi users, the performance and
activity of wireless networks to which its users are connected and the
activity records of active clients. Furthermore, the company wanted a
solution which would allow its analysts and management to design and
customize reports, dashboards and analytics without heavy involvement of IT

SiSense was chosen over competing in-memory BI vendors for its
shorter implementation time, faster query response performance, better
scalability, lower total cost of ownership and more user-friendly
report/dashboard design. Soon after deploying Prism, the company's business
users were already creating their own reports and analyses.

WeFi is currently running most of its reporting and BI
dashboards over Prism (,
using an off-the-shelf PC with a Xeon 5520 CPU, 64GB RAM and Windows 2003 as
its server.

"One of our primary assets at WeFi is our data. Prism is a key
weapon in our strategic arsenal," said Amit Shaked, Vice President, Products
and Marketing, WeFi. "Business users have extensive autonomy to create and
modify their own dashboards and reports, dramatically shortening the time it
takes to get new data insights."

"SiSense is rewriting the rules of the BI industry by making
powerful and scalable BI available to any company or department, large or
small, without the need for large up-front investments, time-consuming
implementation projects or prior BI experience," says Elad Israeli, CEO of
SiSense. "WeFi is a perfect case in point, as a company which bases its key
strategic decisions on daily analysis of large and rapidly growing amounts of

About SiSense

SiSense ( is redefining business
intelligence (BI) by making enterprise-grade BI available to any company or
department, large or small. SiSense's mission is to allow its customers to
set themselves up with high-performance reporting, interactive dashboards and
ad hoc business analytics in hours or days, without the expense, hardware or
much longer time frames required for conventional data warehouse or
OLAP-based solutions. SiSense's unique, cutting-edge technologies enable even
those without prior BI experience to quickly and easily implement a
full-fledged, end-to-end BI solution without compromising on functionality,
scalability, manageability, flexibility, governance, collaboration or
ease-of-use. SiSense is unique in the market, offering customers the
opportunity to put fully-functional BI applications in the hands of their
business users with no up-front costs, no professional services and no risk -
and then to pay a only modest monthly subscription fee.

About WeFi

WeFi ( is dedicated to helping its users
find, connect, and enjoy Wi-Fi anywhere around the world. WeFi provides the
tools that allow its user community to map the global Wi-Fi network. The
company's dedicated community has already discovered over 75,000,000 access
points around the world. WeFi is funded by Lightspeed Venture Partners,
Pitango Venture Capital and Gemini Israel Funds.

    For additional information, contact:

    Adi Azaria
    Tel.: +1-607-821-0629 (US/Canada) or +972-9-885-7973

For additional information, contact: Adi Azaria, Email: adi.azaria at , Tel.: +1-607-821-0629 (US/Canada) or +972-9-885-7973.

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