“Strigoi” to Hold World Premiere at Toronto’s After Dark Festival

By Prne, Gaea News Network
Thursday, August 13, 2009


- British-Romanian Vampire Flick To Debut At Canadian Thrill Fest

Strigoi (www.strigoimovie.com), a new independent vampire film set in present-day rural Romania, has announced that it will be holding its world premiere at the 4th annual Toronto After Dark Film Festival ( torontoafterdark.com/2009) on Monday, August 17th at the legendary Bloor Cinema.

“Strigoi”, an English-language independent production, was cast and filmed entirely in Romania, the true home of vampire folklore. Remarkably, it is also the first film to be based on the original Romanian legend of “Strigoi” which inspired Dracula (which, in turn, inspired all modern vampire stories). However, the method for killing a Strigoi is a little different from the wooden stake through the heart method popularized by Bram Stoker. First, one needs to dig up the body of the person who’s become Strigoi, and then their heart must be cut out and burned. Incredibly, this method of Strigoi disposal still occasionally happens in certain parts of rural Romania. See: www.guardian.co.uk/world/2005/jun/19/theobserver.

The film’s Director, Faye Jackson, said: “We’re extremely excited to be holding our world premiere at the Toronto After Dark Film Festival. Our film is the sort of genre mix that will really appeal to the Toronto After Dark Audience - a folk lore mystery that blends comedy and horror, set against the background of modern rural Romania, a place where the old world clashes with the new.”

Shedding light on a post-communist Romanian village, the film focuses on the ancient myth of the Strigoi - souls that rise again after death to seek justice if they’ve been wronged, their appetites intensified by a hunger for blood.

The film’s plot centres around Vlad, who investigates a mysterious death in his grandfather’s village that raises questions about land ownership in the community. The trail points to ex-communist bully Constantin Tirescu and his wife, but when Vlad confronts them, he discovers that the richest landowners in the village have become real bloodsuckers.

Adam Lopez, Festival Director of the Toronto After Dark Film Festival, added: “As a premier showcase of new horror, sci-fi, action and cult movies, we’re very excited to be hosting the World Premiere of Strigoi. This is just the sort of creative, independent genre film that our fans thrive on and we’re sure their reaction will be enthusiastic.”

The World Premiere will take place on Monday, August 17th at 9:30pm at Toronto’s legendary Bloor Cinema. For more information, visit: www.strigoimovie.com.

Fans can also follow the build-up to the film’s release on social sites Twitter (www.twitter.com/strigoimovie), Facebook ( www.facebook.com/strigoimovie) and video website Youtube (www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qs050qAhGNg).

About St.Moritz Productions

Strigoi is the debut feature film from St. Moritz Productions. Their previous film, the short LUMP, played internationally from Paris to Rio de Janeiro. It was featured in New York magazine as one of the top 5 shorts of the 44th New York Film Festival, where it screened on the closing night, twinned with Pan’s Labyrinth.

About Toronto After Dark

Toronto After Dark Film Festival is one of the world’s leading showcases of thrilling cinema and runs from August 14-21, 2009. The critically acclaimed annual festival, now in its fourth year, screens new horror, sci-fi, fantasy, action, animated and cult films from around the world, including many award-winning features and shorts. Last year’s festival was attended by a record 8,500 enthusiastic film fans and over 100 members of press and industry. Visit: torontoafterdark.com/2009 or email: info@torontoafterdark.com.

Strigoi Press & Distribution Enquiries: Rey Muraru, St.Moritz Productions E: rey.muraru@strigoimovie.com T: +44(0)7812352919

Source: ST. Moritz Productions Ltd

Strigoi Press & Distribution Enquiries: Rey Muraru, St.Moritz Productions, E: rey.muraru at strigoimovie.com, T: +44(0)7812352919

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