‘The Mobile Entertainment Industry is Still in its Infancy, its Market Value Will Top $69 Billion by 2016′ Says Latest visiongain Report

By Visiongain Ltd, PRNE
Thursday, September 8, 2011

LONDON, September 9, 2011 -


While the Smartphone and app store may be old news, visiongain’s latest report Smartphone Report: Gaming, Digital Music Distribution and Entertainment Opportunities 2011-2016 uncovers a wealth of opportunities set to transform the Smartphone market. In 2011, Smartphone adoption rates combined with seismic changes in the video games and music industries have created a unique set of circumstances, which are set to see the Smartphone become an essential entertainment device.

Can the Smartphone replace the handheld games console? This report details the current handheld games console market and compares and contrasts the most recent offerings from Sony and Nintendo with the latest cutting edge Smartphones. This report maps these differences allowing for an overview of the games market and revealing the gaps where developers and operators can step in to claim the potential revenues from Smartphones and gaming apps. Detailed business case studies reveal the monetizable potential of free apps versus paid apps and revenue share models for developers.

Can the Smartphone reinvigorate the digital music market? The music industry has turned to the cloud as personal music players and digital downloads continue to decline. Here visiongain outline the mobile cloud music services and chart how the Smartphone can capitalise on this. Mobile cloud music services are about to reach rapid growth phase.

2011 marks the beginning of an era that will be defined by the Smartphone’s capabilities. With a huge user base and constantly evolving technical capacity the Smartphone is only beginning to reach its potential. With LTE and 4G on the horizon the Smartphone will become a tool for a number of feature rich applications and essential services for enterprise and consumers alike. Network improvements will increase the range of uses a Smartphone has, widening revenue streams for all ecosystem members.

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Report Table of Contents

Executive Summary
E1 Mobile Gaming is Fuelling the Smartphone Adoption Rate
E2 Handheld Game Consoles Pose a New Challenge to Smartphone Gaming
E3 Mobile Music and the Shift Towards the Cloud
E4 Smartphones and the Future of Entertainment in the LTE Era
E5 Points Emerged From This Research

1. Introduction to Smartphone as an Entertainment Device
1. Introduction to Smartphone as an Entertainment Device
1.1 Defining Smartphones
1.2 History of Mobile Gaming
1.3 Smartphone and Convergence
1.4 Continued Growth of Smartphone Market
1.4.1 Smartphone Operating Systems
1.5 PC-Mobile Gap Paving Way for Smartphone as Entertainment Device
1.6 Popular Smartphone Features
1.7 The Future of Mobile Gaming
1.8 The Future of Mobile Music
1.9 Aim of This Report
1.10 Questions Answered by this Report
1.11 Structure of the Report
1.12 Methodology

2. Smartphone and Gaming Market Analysis
2.1 Traditional Handheld Games Console Market
2.1.1 Nintendo and Sony - A Threat to Smartphone Gaming?
2.1.2 Handheld Nintendo console sales
2.1.3 Most Popular Handheld Consoles
2.2 The Threat to Smartphone Gaming from the Nintendo 3DS
2.2.1 3DS Price Slash
2.3 Will 3D be a Game Changer in the Smartphone Market?
2.3.1 How 3D technology works
2.3.2 Creating 3D content - A Driver for Uptake?
2.3.3 How to Make 3D Smartphones Successful
2.4 PlayStation Vita - Incorporating the Smartphone into the Console
2.4.1 PlayStation Vita and Location Based Services
2.4.2 PS Vita to Feature SMS Services?
2.4.3 Analysing Threat to Smartphone from Sony PlayStation Vita Cost - a Factor in the Threat
2.5 Sony Ericsson Xperia Play - The PlayStation Smartphone
2.5.1 Xperia Closing Gap between Console and Smartphone
2.5.2 Sony Ericsson Poised to Increase Market Share?
2.6 Segmenting Mobile Gamers
2.6.1 Recommendations on Segmentation for Game Apps
2.7 Social Media Gaming
2.8 Pricing - Games Apps, Free or Paid?
2.8.1 Free vs. Paid Game Apps - Android
2.8.2 Android Game Apps
2.8.3 Top 10 Most Popular Android App Categories
2.8.4 Free vs Paid Game Apps - Apple App Store
2.8.5 Free vs. Paid - All App Stores
2.8.6 Paid Apps - Price Strategies
2.8.7 Free versus Paid Summary
2.9 Freemium vs. Premium Business Model
2.9.1 Freemium Model - Recommendations
2.10 Game Apps by Developer and Platform
2.10.1 App stores - Developer Revenue Share
2.10.2 Marketing Game Apps to the Right Device
2.10.3 App Development - Choosing a Platform
2.10.4 Platform and handset specifics
2.11 Game Genres Specific to Smartphones
2.11.1 Location based games
2.11.2 Augmented Reality games
2.11.3 Games Console Emulators
2.12 Importance of Gaming to Smartphone Adoption Rates
2.13 Angry Birds an App Success Story
2.13.1 Turning a Game App into a Franchise
2.13.2 Return on Investment Monetising Game Apps
2.14 Mobile Gaming - Advertising for Revenues

3. Smartphone and Digital Music Distribution Market
3.1 iPod Sales in Terminal Decline
3.2 Digital Downloads Also in Decline
3.3 Digital Downloads vs. the Cloud
3.4 Smartphones Take Over Music Industry
3.5 The Worlds First App Album
3.6 Digital Music - Key Statistics (2011)
3.7 Free Music Apps for Smartphones
3.7.1 imeem for Android
3.7.2 TuneWiki for Android
3.7.3 Pandora for Android
3.7.4 OurStage for iPhone
3.7.5 Mobbler for Symbian S60
3.7.6 Nokia Internet Radio for Symbian S60
3.7.7 AccuRadio for WebOS
3.7.8 RadioTime for WebOS
3.7.9 iheartradio for BlackBerry
3.7.10 Slacker Radio for BlackBerry
3.7.11 Pandora for Windows Mobile
3.8 Key Cloud Music Services for Smartphones
3.8.1 Music by Google
3.8.2 Spotify for Mobile
3.9 Smartphones as MP3 Players

4. Smartphone as an Entertainment Device
4.1 News and Entertainment Apps
4.2 Social Media
4.3 Mobile TV
4.4 Cameras and Photography Apps
4.5 Video recording
4.6 LTE and the Impact on Smartphones as Entertainment Devices

5. Business Case
5.1 Business Case for Game and Music Apps
5.2 Applying Existing Business Models to Apps
5.3 The In-Game Advertising Case
5.4 Future Business Case
5.4 Future Business Case
5.6 Potential of Apps defining the Business Case

6. Forecasts
6.1 Total Smartphone Sales to End Users 2010-2016
6.2 Total Smartphone Sales to End Users by OS 2010-2016
6.3 Total Smartphone Sales to End Users for Android Phones 2010-2016
6.4 Total Smartphone Sales to End Users for iOS Phones 2010-2016
6.5 Total Smartphone Sales to End Users for Microsoft Smartphones 2010-2016
6.6 Total Smartphone Sales to End Users for Smartphones of Other OS 2010-2016
6.7 Total Smartphone Sales to End Users for RIM Smartphones 2010-2016
6.8 Total Smartphone Sales to End Users for Symbian Smartphones 2010-2016
6.9 Smartphone Market Share by OS 2010-2016
6.10 Global Mobile App Revenues 2010-2016
6.11 Global App Market Share by Region
6.12 Smartphone Penetration 2011-2016
6.13 Mobile Entertainment Industry Market Value 2010-2016
6.14 Mobile Gaming Market Value 2010-2016
6.15 Music Purchased through Smartphones 2010-2016
6.16 In-Game Ad Revenues 2010-2016

7. Recommendations and Conclusion
7.1 Current business climate
7.2 Why games will sell
7.3 Targeting Emerging economies
7.4 Future Actions
7.5 App Stores Crucial
7.6 Recommendations for Advertisers
7.7 Recommendations for Content Providers
7.8 Recommendations for Manufacturers
7.9 Maintain the Cutting Edge


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