The Secret to Happiness in 2011

By Slimavite, PRNE
Thursday, December 30, 2010

Happiness is a Flat Belly, Unless You're German, Then it's a Small Bum

LONDON, December 31, 2010 - A great body means different things to different nations. A study of what
people love, hate and wish to change about their about their bodies in 2011
found that there are distinct differences across Europe.

After reviewing research from UK, Spain, Italy, Germany and France, the
key findings showed that; in the UK the majority of women liked their breasts
but wanted a smaller belly, British men tend to be happy with their height
but dislike their 'gut'.

Spanish women love their legs but want bigger boobs. Spanish men like
their shoulders but want to be taller. In Germany women are happy with their
waists but long for a smaller bum whilst German men like their thighs but
want a flatter stomach.

French women are proud of their bottoms but want to be two cup sizes
bigger and French men would also like a larger chest, although they are
pleased with their feet! In Italy, the men are most content with their
bottoms but a few inches in height wouldn't go amiss and Italian women like
their British counterparts, are pleased with their boobs but would like a
flat tummy.

The study conducted by diet programme Slimavite to highlight what people
would like to change about their bodies in the coming year, also showed that
overall UK women are the most comfortable in their own skin. Asked how happy
they are with their bodies overall and 60% of British women said they felt
OK, compared to 48% in France, 55% in Germany, 40% in Spain and just 30% in

Commenting on the study, Kate O'Sullivan from Slimavite said: "Everyone
wants to improve the way they look but the interesting thing is that the bits
we want to change are influenced by cultural factors and different role
models. For UK men and women Nigella Lawson and David Cameron are practically

She added: "We have more of an issue in this country with shifting belly
fat because we love good food and wine. The average UK woman has a 34 inch
waist and the average UK man has a 41 inch waist, which isn't a healthy
ideal. The Slimavite diet programme can help you to lose pounds and more
importantly inches from your waist. Our trialists have lost on average
2.5inches from their waists in just 4 weeks whilst still enjoying delicious

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