Three European Firms Compete to Redevelop Canadian Airport Lands

By City Of Edmonton, PRNE
Monday, February 14, 2011

City of Edmonton Hosts Public Unveiling Design Concepts, Videos

EDMONTON, Alberta, February 15, 2011 - Three European teams - SWECO from Stockholm, Sweden; KCAP from Rotterdam,
the Netherlands
; and Foster and Partners from London, UK - are among five
teams vying to provide the master plan to redevelop city centre airport lands
in Edmonton, Canada.

The teams join Perkins + Will, Vancouver, Canada and BNIM, Kansas City,
USA in a master plan design competition that launched in May 2010.

Generous green spaces, long term environmental sustainability, innovative
uses for historical buildings, family-friendly housing, and an
acknowledgement of Edmonton as a winter city are just a few of the key
features teams have highlighted in their submissions.

"These are world-leading design teams that have come to Edmonton to work
with us to plan a new community in the heart of Edmonton," says Mayor Stephen
. "As the developer for the site, the City will ensure Council's vision
is met to make this development world-leading in ecological, economical and
social living. At this stage, we're seeing some preliminary ideas which are
truly inspiring visions for the future of our city."

Each team's display consists of eight poster boards (30 inches by 40
inches) that include site drawings, sketches and renderings, and a
five-minute video illustrating that team's unique vision for the lands
according to the seven Master Planning Principles. The seven principles,
endorsed by City Council in 2009, include: planning & design, ecological
footprint, infrastructure, family housing, green space amenities, technology
and history.

A winning team will be chosen by the selection committee and a
recommendation will be made to Council in late spring 2011. Concepts and
videos can be viewed online at:

    For more information, contact:
    Phil Sande
    Executive Director, City Centre Redevelopment Project

For more information, contact: Phil Sande, Executive Director, City Centre Redevelopment Project, +1-780-442-5423

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