Architectural Lighting Increases Pace of Growth

By Iqpc Middle East, PRNE
Tuesday, February 8, 2011

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates, February 9, 2011 - Architectural lighting is a young industry, incorporating artificial
lighting in buildings and developments to enhance the architectural features
of the built environment. Its use in large-scale developments and iconic
buildings is becoming ever more pervasive in a region dominated by both.

The reason for the steady growth in this new industry is because "the
impact of good lighting within the built environment should not be
underestimated, as it can significantly enhance a building and positively
influence the perception of spaces. Given this fundamental fact, lighting is
clearly a major contributor to the success or failure of a building, which
should not be left to chance," says Barry Hannaford, Principal Lighting
Designer with Dubai-based dpa Lighting Design, and speaker at the inaugural
Architectural Lighting Saudi Arabia Summit.

Featuring regional and international lighting designers and influential
architects, the summit - put together by IQPC, takes place from 13 - 16 March
, Radisson Blu Hotel, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, and will highlight the key
themes of implementing groundbreaking design and incorporating sustainable
practices in lighting, including reducing energy costs and improving ROI on
large developments for the owners.

Lighting accounts for up to 15 percent of project costs, increasing to up
to 25 percent for electricity bills. When combining the millions of light
bulbs used in commercial and residential buildings, this can easily add up.
Energy use is not the only factor which must be considered - as any lighting
designer will tell you, maintenance and the use of correct fittings and
fixtures can also contribute to reducing energy costs and improving ROI on
large developments for the owners, particularly when architectural lighting
is factored into a project.

"Any designer can make a building look great on day one with an unlimited
energy supply, but it takes a good designer to ensure that it still looks
good three years later, with minimal maintenance and without the use of
unsustainable amounts of energy," says internationally renowned lighting
designer Dominic Meyrick, Principal and Partner with Hoare Lea Lighting.

Ted Ferreira, Principal with CD and M Lighting Design Group, says the
importance lies in the equipment just as much as the design, arguing that
"the installation and choice of lighting equipment represents a significant
percentage of both the construction and operation costs of commercial
buildings. To build without an artificial and natural lighting strategy is
akin to opening up all of the windows and just letting the cool air run out."

All three experts join a host of critically acclaimed international and
regional lighting designers and architects including Beau Mclellan, Principal
and Founder, Beau Mclellan Lighting Design; Gerd Pfarre, Principal, Pfarre
Lighting; Charles Collett, Country Director (KSA); Aedas, Volker von
Kardorff, Principal, Kardorff Ingenieure Lighting Design; and
Ahmed Al Ali, Executive Chairman, X Architects, all speaking at the
Architectural Lighting Saudi Arabia summit, a four day forum being held in
Riyadh from 13 - 16 March 2011. The event will showcase state of the art
technologies and techniques for use in architectural lighting in commercial
and residential developments and projects. For more information about this
event visit, email
or call +971-4-364-2975.

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