Tianjin FAW Toyota Motor Co., Ltd (TFTM) Successfully Hosts Fourth Family Visit Day

By Tianjin Economic-technological Development Area, PRNE
Tuesday, June 22, 2010

TIANJIN, China, June 23, 2010 - On June 20th, Tianjin FAW Toyota Motor Co., Ltd. (TFTM), located in the
Tianjin Economic-Technological Development Area, held its fourth-ever Family
Visit Day. The joyful, friendly, and harmonious atmosphere of the event made
it a great success.

This Family Visit Day was held on the tenth anniversary of the company's
founding, and thus it was themed, "Celebrating a Decade of Accomplishment,
Looking Forward to the Bright Future Ahead." The event allowed employees and
their families to celebrate the brilliant achievements they have been a part
of over the past ten years, as well as gain a greater appreciation for the
company's strength and continued growth.

There were five activity areas at this Family Visit Day: Car Love World,
the Beautiful Factory, Happy Home, the Cultural Plaza and the Ecological
Engineering Area.

At Car Love World, employees and their families were able to take part in
fun activities based on traffic safety, accident survival, and driving with
impaired vision or under the influence. These activities were designed to
spread knowledge about traffic safety.

At the Beautiful Factory, employees and their families were able to get
hands-on experience at the TEDA factory's third production line for
automobile assembly. Over 200,000 Corollas and RAV4s, both in high demand in
the market right now, are produced on this production line annually.

At Happy Home, children had a bit of summer fun, enjoying the outdoor
playground, playing King of the Hill, and riding electric rocking horses.

At the Cultural Plaza, employees and their families were able to fully
appreciate the company's corporate culture. Each factory and department set
up its own exhibition pavilion, introducing their department's work,
achievements, and unique qualities.

At the Ecological Engineering Area, an effort was made by the company to
establish a garden-style ecological factory, providing every employee with an
environmentally-friendly and resource-conserving space for rest and
relaxation, while creating an ecological, green, and ordered landscape. By
using processed sewage water from the TEDA factory's water recycling project
for this area's waterfalls and man-made lakes, the company reduces waste of
resources, improves recycling, and contributes to air purification.

Over 10,000 employees and family members participated in this Family
Visit Day, from the elderly, to children not yet one year old, Chinese and
foreign alike.

Zhang Liang, +86-22-2520-2121, zhangliang at teda.gov.cn

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