Total Gym Confidence: Take Weightplan’s New ‘Gym Training ‘ iPhone App for a Workout

By Weightplan Ltd, PRNE
Monday, September 5, 2011

LONDON, September 6, 2011 -

This week sees health & fitness website launch their ‘Gym Training’ iPhone App. The App provides hundreds of exercise guides and gym workouts designed by qualified Personal Trainers to ensure even the absolute novice can use the gym without fear or embarrassment.

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With 30 multi-day workouts designed for all fitness levels, there’s something for the gym beginner right through to the gym elite.  Commenting on the release, Andrew Barham, Pharmacist and CEO of Weightplan said ‘With predicted rises in global obesity, and increasingly inactive lifestyles I feel passionate that exercise should be accessible to everyone.  Weightplan offers a simple solution to total wellbeing incorporating a three-pronged health, food and fitness approach.  By making little changes to our activity we can all vastly improve our overall health and fitness.  

Gym Training has hundreds of exercises each with hints, tips and techniques written by our professional Personal Trainers, making sure you maximize your results from every workout.  ’By viewing the high-res images for each exercise and checking your technique against the instruction videos, you can fast-track your results.

Weightplan also caters for the more hardcore gym goers, with workouts designed to target individual muscle groups.  Choose from ‘Conditioning’, ‘Muscle Growth’ and ‘Strength’ workouts and combine them to make your own programme; plan a whole week of exercises not forgetting your warm-up, stretches and rest-days.  Swap workouts regularly to keep the muscles guessing. The app takes the guesswork out of gym training.  Never look hopelessly around the gym again.

 ’The website will bring together many aspects of health and fitness to provide a one-stop-shop for anyone wanting to improve their wellbeing.  Many people don’t realize the importance of good nutrition, especially when trying to build muscle or lose fat.  Weightplan aims to provide nutrition plans to support the individual needs of members and keep them at the top of their game.’  With more health and fitness apps in the pipeline, the future looks bright for Weightplan.

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The ‘Gym Training’ app is available worldwide. Download it now from the App Store. Search for ‘Weightplan’ or use this link

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