Trade Confidence Hits an 8 Month High

By Travelex Global Business Payments, PRNE
Monday, December 6, 2010

Confidence Grows for the Year Ahead as Trade Boosts Economic Growth

LONDON, December 7, 2010 - Importers and exporters confidence soared in November, after it was
revealed that trade played a large part in boosting UK economic growth in the
third quarter of 2010.

Its highest level in 8 months, the Travelex Confidence Index rose 8
points during November to stand at 112. Importer & exporter confidence surged
unexpectedly as 70% said they felt confident about current trade conditions.

The rise in positive sentiment was driven by stronger than anticipated
economic growth in the third quarter of 2010, as trade made its biggest
contribution to UK growth in two years.

Confidence in the UK economy also flourished in November, as a string of
strong economic data created a 'feel good factor' within the sector. 85% of
importers and exporters felt confident that UK economic growth would be
sustained, a rise of 19% from the previous month.

Travelex Global Business Payments said that the Office for Budget
Responsibility (OBR) would welcome the rise in confidence as they have
forecasted trade to contribute 0.7% to the UK's economic growth over the next
5 years. "Their increasing confidence will be good news for the OBR, who have
presented some bullish trade forecasts for 2011," commented David Sear,
Global Managing Director at Travelex Global Business Payments.

Confidence in an export led recovery shot up to 49%, the highest it has
been since April.

There was also an increase in confidence in future trade conditions, as
68% were confident that there would be an increase in demand over the next 6
- 12 months.

David Sear said, "Confidence in the trade sector is pivotal to the UK's
economic outlook. We urge the Government to continue their vital trade
overseas missions and support for exporting businesses through innovation and
resource, to ensure that growth in the UK export sector is not jeopardised in

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