UK Confirmed as Obsessed With Technology and Music After More Than a Third Say They Would Give Up Sex First

By Audio-technica, PRNE
Thursday, June 23, 2011

LEEDS, England, June 24, 2011 -


  • to Find the Nation’s Favourite Summer

Audio giant Audio-Technica has launched a social media quest
to find the UK
s favourite summer track of all time.
It is asking its fans and followers to tell the world on its
what is their favourite summer track and why. To
help launch the online competition it has conducted a nationwide
study into our musical preferences to find out how obsessed we are
when it comes to our music. With singing at work and dancing in the
street common place - we
ve certainly got some
strange habits!

Almost everyone (96%) claimed they would rather give up films
for a year over their music, with a further three quarters (73%)
opting to ditch live sport, 37% ditching TV for music, and a
dedicated third of people (34%) opting to ditch sex rather than
going a year without music!

It also appears we like to express our love of music in public;
three quarters of people (74%) admitting to spontaneously breaking
into song while driving, a fifth 20% openly singing at work, 15%
sing in the street and 11% have even danced in the street while
listening to their iPod! Embarrassingly, almost all of us (90%)
admit to having been caught doing one of these things!

Audio-Technica senior UK marketing manager Harvey Roberts said,
“The UK is a nation with a long and distinguished history in
producing world class music, so it’s no surprise to see such
fanaticism towards music.

“The research shows that the majority of us actively listen to
four-hours of music a day, which equates to more than 60 days a
year. That is some serious listening time, and with a fifth of
people preferring to use headphones, it makes sense to ensure
you’ve got the very best equipment to make your experience as
enjoyable as possible.”

The research was conducted as part of Audio-Technica’s ’sounds
of the summer’ campaign, where it is seeking the most popular ever
’summer’ anthems via its Facebook page href=""> Five
pairs of top of the range Audio-Tecnica headphones are up for grabs
for the most popular suggestions.

The study also revealed that we like to listen to music in some
unusual places, with 40% preferring to do it in bed, 27% in the
shower, 11% while making love, and an obsessive 7% while

Audio-Technica also asked people how long they’d be prepared to
queue to get tickets for their ‘ultimate’ music festival or summer
show and despite the rise in internet bookings, a quarter would
wait an hour and surprisingly one in six would be prepared to wait
four hours.

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