Universal Channel Brasil to Release Book Introducing Future Talents in Brazilian Advertising

By Universal Channel Brasil, PRNE
Tuesday, July 5, 2011

SAO PAULO, July 6, 2011 -

The Brazilian advertising industry,
among the most high-profile, prize-winning advertising industries
in the world, will be releasing the book Acredite
["Believe It, College Students"], bringing
together the work of Brazil’s future communication professionals.
The Project is an initiative of Universal Channel Brasil
(uc.tv.br), a subscription TV channel of Globosat and NBC
, which will select the authors on the basis of a
contest of the best creative submissions.

The first edition of the book had input from 72 leaders and
creative figures in Brazilian advertising who contributed pieces on
the theme “What do you believe?”. Names include such luminaries as
Alexandre Gama (Neogama), Aurelio Lopes (Giovanni+DraftFCB), Fabio
(F/Nazca), Nizan Guanaes (Grupo ABC), Roberto Duailibi
(DPZ), Ruy Lindenberg (Leo Burnett), Sergio Amado (Ogilvy) and
Sergio Valente (DM9DDB).

This year, students of Social Communication, Marketing and
Design will have an opportunity to answer the same question and be
part of a book that will be an essay on the future of advertising.
 Responses may be submitted in a wide variety of media: image,
text, engraving, photo or drawing.  

The deadline for submission of work is July 15th, and
submissions must be registered at href="www.acredite.tv.br/">www.acredite.tv.br.
The 100 most creative ideas will be selected to comprise the work,
which is to be released at the end of the year in a printing of
three thousand copies.  

“The first edition of the book had figures of world-wide renown
who generously shared their convictions and insights. Now it’s the
turn of future communication professionals to show us what makes
them tick, what their values and beliefs are and where they think
we’re going,” says Paulo Barata, director of Universal Channel

The book is receiving incentives from the Ministry of Culture as
well as sponsorship by Universal Channel. The project also enjoys
the support of the ABP (Associacao Brasileira de Propaganda), ABAP
(Associacao Brasileira de Agencias de Publicidade), CCSP (Clube de
Criacao de Sao Paulo), CCRJ (Clube de Criacao do Rio de
), CCPR (Clube de Criacao do Parana), Grupo de Planejamento,
GAP-RJ (Grupo de Atendimento and Planejamento do Rio de Janeiro),
Grupo de Midia do Rio de Janeiro, Globosat and Editora Referencia.
The concept is by Script, with execution by Editora Arte

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