When a Condom is Not Enough

By Consultrum, PRNE
Tuesday, August 24, 2010

LONDON, August 25, 2010 - After today's news that the frequency of sexually transmitted disease is
increasing in the UK, particularly in adolescents and young adults, we asked
Dr Malcolm VandenBurg (www.malcolmvandenburg.co.uk/), a Harley Street
Private Specialist in Medicine including Sexual Health and General Medicine,
for his comments.

He is particularly well placed to give this, as he has not only brought
up four children himself, but ran the parent support services, running
regular groups for parents, at the Capio Chelsea Adolescent Mental Health

Dr Malcolm VandenBurg (www.malcolmvandenburg.co.uk/) commented
that "We clearly have to try to get these young people to use adequate
contraception, even if we are not able to prevent them engaging in sexual
contacts at a younger and younger age. The frequency of sexual contact and
the frequency of sex without condoms is clearly related to both alcohol usage
and the usage of other drugs and we have to tackle all the cultural and
social reasons why all these are on the increase."

He believes that "not only do people have to be persuaded not to
engage in unprotected sexual activity, but that they have to be informed that
even if they used a condom for protective vaginal sex, they can still put
themselves at risk due to diseases outside the condom area such as herpes,
warts, syphilis, the parasite commonly known as 'crabs' and lice all over the

He pointed out that "there is increasing transmission via unprotected
oral sex when this is practiced, as well as an increased risk if and when a
condom is put on with the mouth, which is common among sex workers." He was
clear to point out not only the risk of infection, but also the psychological
distress often caused by pregnancy and promiscuous activity.

He also warned of the dangers of rarer forms of sexual activity such as
sadomasochism, and breath-holding as a form of sexual enhancement.

    Dr Malcolm VandenBurg BSc MBBS MISMA FCP FFPM FRCP
    T: +44(0)20-7435-9386 / +44(0)7850-049-134
    Pinero House, 115a Harley Street, London W1G 6AR

Dr Malcolm VandenBurg BSc MBBS MISMA FCP FFPM FRCP, T: +44(0)20-7435-9386 / +44(0)7850-049-134, Editorsale at aol.com, Pinero House, 115a Harley Street, London W1G 6AR

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