World's Most Sophisticated Patent Research Platform, CPA Global Discover(sm), Soon to be Launched

By Cpa Global, PRNE
Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Research Reveals That Market Poorly Served by Current Technology

LONDON, September 29, 2010 - CPA Global, the leading provider of legal services
outsourcing, has announced it will be adding the world's most sophisticated
online patent research platform to its suite of intellectual property (IP)
portfolio management services in October 2010. CPA Global Discover(sm) will
redefine the way in which corporations and law firms research the 80 million
plus patents that are filed across the world, providing greater accuracy and
efficiency than all similar tools on the market.

The development of the online platform follows important
industry research, which identified that the requirements of online patent
research today are not satisfied by current technology. According to 150 law
firms and corporations surveyed, IP professionals need to use multiple
different patent research platforms to generate reliable search results, and
even then the data from certain geographies, such as China, may not be

'CPA Global Discover(sm) will save corporations and law firms
a considerable amount of time and money by allowing them to use a single
patent research platform to conduct critical IP research quickly and
accurately,' said Peter Sewell, CPA Global's Chief Executive Officer. 'When
talking to fellow IP professionals about the tools that they currently use,
we found that their requirements simply weren't being met by what was
currently available on the market. They complained that some of the existing
solutions were slow, unstable and confusing to use. With that in mind, we
have made Discover's user interface so simple, that even someone with no
prior experience in patent research will be able to achieve accurate results
from using the platform.'

When it is launched on 31 October 2010, Discover will bring
the IP industry the power to comprehensively research patents in more than 90
jurisdictions - including all emerging markets - in seconds. The platform
will also have many patents filed in other languages translated into English,
and even suggests results which are relevant to international cultural and
linguistic nuances.

Added Peter: 'Discover will provide much needed support for an
industry that relies on robust and trustworthy search technology, and we are
very excited to introduce it to the market.'

IP professionals who are interested in testing Discover's
superior patent research capabilities for themselves are able to request a
free trial on release day by visiting:

About CPA Global

CPA Global is the world's leading provider of IP management
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CPA Global helps its clients manage their valuable IP assets,
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Founded in Jersey, Channel Islands in 1969, CPA Global today employs more
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