Yemen: A Revolution in Advertising

By Protore, PRNE
Thursday, May 5, 2011

COPENHAGEN, Denmark, May 6, 2011 - While political leaders advocate democracy for countries such as Yemen,
business leaders are forced to wait for failed states to become their next
'emerging markets'. That changes now, according to PROTORE
(, which opens new markets for business while actively
supporting freedoms and democracy.

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PROTORE emerges from its pilot phase today as a fast-growing network of
major news websites operating from countries in transition. Its mission is to
ensure the survival of independent media and to support freedom of
expression, often in the face of serious adversity, by enabling advertisers
to target people across Europe, the MENA region and North America who visit
websites from countries such as Yemen.

Typically 40-70% of visitors to such websites come from the USA, UK,
Canada, France, Germany and similarly developed economies, meaning they are
attractive to advertisers targeting those countries, reports PROTORE.

Independent news publishers keep the world informed and ready to make
change happen. Yemeni journalists put their lives on the line for an average
USD 200 per month in the name of future freedoms, and even that can be too
high a price to keep the news flowing.

So what can businesses do to support balanced viewpoints regarding Yemen?
"The answer is revolutionary," says PROTORE's director Jason Lambert. "Today
we have launched the world's first online banner network dedicated to
enabling businesses to support freedom of expression simply by buying great
value, targeted advertising. Every ethical business in Europe, North America
and the MENA region should now allocate some of its advertising budget to a
campaign with PROTORE."

In its pilot phase, PROTORE's combination of targeted online advertising
and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has already started generating new
incomes in support of 14 publishers of independent news websites from the
MENA region, Southeast Asia and Haiti. This year it will welcome new
publishers from countries such as Pakistan, the Commonwealth of Independent
States (of former Soviet republics), Zimbabwe and more.

Notes to Editors

PROTORE operates from Copenhagen, Denmark and on location in its
partners' countries. Websites already in its network originate from Burma,
Haiti, Iraq, Jordan, Sri Lanka and Yemen. An advertiser can have its banners
shown only to people in selected countries who are visiting websites in
PROTORE's network.

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