New Upmarket Little Girls Clothes Website Launches 3rd September 2010

By La Fille Unique Ltd, PRNE
Monday, August 23, 2010

Creating a Professionally Edited Selection of the Very Best Luxury Clothing From Exclusive Designers for Girls up to 10 Years Old

LONDON, August 24, 2010 - A London-based online fashion store, La Fille Unique (, which offers designer clothes for babies and
little girls, is launching on 3rd September. It has pioneered new trends for
young, style-discerning parents who want the best for their kids, making
children's fashion shopping more enjoyable than ever.

La Fille Unique is one of the very few online stores selling designer
clothes exclusively for little girls. Catering to babies and little girls of
up to 10 years old, the shop collates a handpicked selection of 15 chic and
sophisticated designer fashion labels, including Marie Chantel, Little Paul &
Joe and Il Gufo.

Founded by a 29-year-old former banker and luxury sector analyst, Elle
, the new online shopping concept aims to meet the needs of many cash rich
but time poor customers. The store makes choosing and buying girls clothes
easier than ever before with its own 'look book' which helps customers match
items from different designers to get the perfect look for their little
girls. It offers innocent and chic fashion styles that express the unique
personality of a child.

Fifteen exclusive designers have been chosen to work with the site
including not only well known and established brands like Little Paul & Joe
and Marie Chantal
, but also brands like Anne Valerie Hash and Bobo Choses,
who create delicate and sophisticated clothes for little girls which are not
yet well known in the UK. This carefully edited collection gives customers a
valuable head start in finding the best luxury clothing currently available
for little girls from the most exciting upmarket designers.

The site also helps customers make the right choices by grouping the top
looks into three broad categories - Petit Chic, Comfy Casuals, and Play Time.
In each case clothes are carefully chosen by La Fille Unique's stylists and
arranged to create inspiring editorial images which allow site visitors to
see immediately how different pieces can work together and how to assemble a
complete look which is perfect for their child.

"Parents nowadays have the challenging task of balancing between their
careers and the need to nurture a quality family life. They are
style-conscious and want the best for their kids, but they are overwhelmed by
choices and have so limited time," Elle Xu said.

"With our curated online store concept, we make it much easier and
enjoyable for our customers to shop for clothes and accessories of
distinctive taste for their kids, offering an exciting dimension to modern
parenting and quality family life."

All deliveries are beautifully presented in a luxury gift box. The state
of the art online shopping system and worldwide delivery service makes it
also a friendly space for international customers to shop for baby and
children's gifts.

The store currently stocks 15 of its favourite designer brands, but as
word has spread about the project more are now approaching the store and next
season, for instance, it is on course to feature 22 exciting, upmarket

For further information please contact Elle Xu at or +44(0)207-1939-151

For further information please contact Elle Xu at press at or +44(0)207-1939-151

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