Abu Dhabi Becoming World's Top Retail City

By Dubai.com, PRNE
Tuesday, December 14, 2010

DUBIA, UAE, December 15, 2010 - New shopping centers and expansions of existing facilities will soon make
Abu Dhabi one of the most retail-concentrated cities in the world, according
to a new report from London-based global property broker Cushman & Wakefield.

Abu Dhabi, the second largest city in the United Arab Emirates, is set to
surpass Dubai's per capita retail concentration by the year 2015 when its
retail space doubles to nearly 1.8 million square meters. Presently, Abu
offers an estimated 936 square meters of shopping space per 1,000
residents. Dubai now offers more than any other city - approximately 1,400
square meters of shopping space per 1,000 people. The US has about 1,000
square meters per 1,000 people, and European countries have just over 200
square meters per 1,000 people. See prices on Abu Dhabi hotels.

While Dubai and most other major cities aren't anticipating significant
retail space expansion over the next five years, Abu Dhabi has plans for new
shopping malls on the scenic Reem and Yas Islands. The Deerfields Town Square
Center in Al Bahia, which broke ground in 2009, is slated for completion by
mid-2011. All told, projects planned for the next five years will push Abu
retail concentration to nearly 1,700 square meters per 1,000 people.
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According to Cushman & Wakefield, retail occupancy rates in Abu Dhabi
presently hover around 90%. However, the new retail venues will likely
saturate the market. That's good news for renters as they begin
entrepreneurial ventures, and it's also good news for communities. As
traditional malls become commonplace, market forces will encourage
innovation. Community developers envision well-planned town centers that
serve not only as places to shop, but also as places for fine dining and
other leisure activities. To find low cost tickets on Dubai flights
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The Abu Dhabi Mall is one example of a shopping center that's becoming a
town center. The mall opened in 2001 with 220,000 square meters of floor
space. Today it features a range of family and corporate housing options in
addition to more than 200 retail outlets and 40 restaurants. Private suites,
one bedroom apartments, and two bedroom apartments are connected to the mall
via private entrances. Beach views, a cafe, room service, and underground
parking are among the residency perks. Meanwhile, attractions inside the mall
including a major grocery, dozens of restaurants, a multiplex cinema, and a
bowling alley. Additionally, artists regularly perform at the mall to help
provide a higher cultural experience. Book your cruise holiday to get away to
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