Beat The January Slump by Being Energy Smart

By Honeywell, PRNE
Tuesday, January 11, 2011

January is a Month of Tight Budgets and Looming Bills - so Why Not Save Money and Energy to Ease the Burden Says Honeywell

LONDON, January 12, 2011 - January blues have hit us hard this year. With price increases across the
board - from groceries to train fares and gym memberships, it's no surprise
people are watching the pennies. There is a way of clawing just some of the
lost pounds back and that's by being energy smart.

According to Honeywell, (
the average household can save more than GBP120 per year by simply installing
a basic thermostat. Thermostats are easily overlooked as a means of saving
money - but it is one of the most important factors. For a family in a
four-bedroom detached house with a thermostat, the savings can be anything up
to GBP160.

1. Fit a thermostat - The thermostat is the single biggest energy saving
device in your home. Without one, you are wasting energy and losing money.

2. Turn your thermostat down by just 1 degree Celsius - We all sense
temperature in one of three ways - we're too hot, too cold, or comfortable.
By turning down your thermostat by just 1c this winter you'll save on average
10 per cent of your annual heating bill.

3. The digital switchover - just like our TVs and Radios, you get more
from a digital thermostat. Older versions (which have a dial) collect dust
and grime which can reduce their performance.

4. Eliminate drafts - your home will seep hot air through any crevice
outside including the letter box, windows and doors. Fit letter box tidies or
use old towels under the door to keep the cold air out and the warm air in.

5. Keep all heating devices clear - make the most of your central heating
system by keeping your radiators clear of obstacles, making sure heat is
circulated around the whole room.

"There is lots of talk in the media at present about switching one's
energy supplier, which is clearly important," says Honeywell's Energy Expert
Matthew Gordon. "But by following the five simple steps above households can
use less energy and save even more money at this traditionally costly time of
the year. Getting the right heating controls in place now, such as smart
thermostats, will help millions of homes up and down the land to save money,
stay warm and reduce their carbon footprints."

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