Blue Helmet Condoms for Ivory Coast: Make Love Not War

By Condomerie, PRNE
Sunday, January 30, 2011

Faites l’ Amour pas La Guerre: Light-hearted Campaign by the Amsterdam Condom Specialty Shop Condomerie to Help to Reduce Tension and the Threat of War in the Ivory Coast.

AMSTERDAM, January 31, 2011 - On February 1, the Condomerie will ship two thousand ‘little blue
helmets’ from Amsterdam to its non-profit partner ‘Sape Moderne’ in the Ivory
. In the capital Abidjan, which is currently under threat of civil
war,’Sape Moderne’ wants to sell
these 2000 blue condoms as souvenirs to the UN soldiers (the real blue
helmets) who are stationed there and have a daily allowance of a hundred
dollars to spend. This will enable the local organization to generate extra
income for its combined AIDS prevention and soccer tournament project, which
has been in existence for 5 years in the Youpougon district of Abidjan. The
forthcoming civil war in the Ivory Coast between supporters of the incumbent
president Laurent Gbagbo and his challenger Alassane Ouattara and the
increasing pressure from the international community are causing significant
economic pain and psychological stress for ordinary men and women in the

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Peace needs to be secured. That is why the condom wrapper says the
following in French and English:

Faites l’ Amour pas La Guerre - I love C.I. - Casques Bleus pour Cote

Make Love Not War - I love C.I. - Blue Helmets for Ivory Coast

The Condomerie intends to utilize this light-hearted campaign to focus
attention on a peaceful solution through dialogue to a conflict that has been
going on for 10 years.

Transfer of the 2000 Blue Condoms

On Tuesday, February 1 at 18:15, outside the front door of the Condomerie
in the Warmoesstraat, 2000 ‘little blue helmets’ condoms will be officially
handed over to Ben Gneba, founder of Sape Moderne as well as contact person
for Laurent Gbagbo in the Netherlands. Subsequently, there will be an
opportunity for journalists to ask Mr. Gneba questions about the tense
situation in the Ivory Coast.

Where: Condomerie, Warmoesstraat 141, Amsterdam

When: Tuesday, February 1 at 18:15

What: transfer kilos of blue condoms with the text

Casques Bleus pour Cote d’Ivoire - Faites l’ Amour pas La Guerre - I love

Blue Helmets for Ivory Coast - Make Love Not War - I love C.I.

Who: Theodoor van Boven [co-founder Condomerie]

To Whom: Ben Gneba [Sape Moderne] who is also the contact person for
Gbagbo in the


Please take your press card for access to the office of the Condomerie.

More information: available at the shop; including those blue condoms
with text!

Website Condomerie:


Email address: condoms at with "Blue Helmets for C.I." as the
subject, Tel: +31-20-6274174, Fax: +31-20-6389265, Address: Warmoesstraat 141, 1012JB, Amsterdam, Netherlands. Contactperson: Theodoor van Boven

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