Borders Open to Kick-start Telecom Economy

By Gds International, PRNE
Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Telecoms Industry Could Hold the Key to Unlocking Economic Growth and Stimulating the Global Economy - If the Regulators Get it Right

LONDON and BRISTOL, England, April 20, 2011 - The global economy may be limping towards the shores of recovery, but the
United Nations (UN) predicts that new approaches to regulating information
and communication technology (ICT) could help to stimulate investment and
growth by rolling out new networks and upgrading technology.

According to a report from the UN International Telecommunications Union
(ITU), Trends in Telecommunications Reform, demand for services such as
mobile telephones and broadband internet have remained buoyant, despite the
economic crisis, with mobile subscriptions set to exceed six billion this

"The industry is currently undergoing a generational shift from fixed
telephones networks to mobile connections of all types, next generation
networking and broadband wireless networks," says the report.

Previously clear borders among telephones, broadcasting and online
services are being eroded, with people able to watch movies on their
computers and programming being downloaded on mobile phones.

Hamadoun Toure, the ITU's Secretary-General, was reported as saying ICT
regulators play a key role in fostering ongoing innovation and competition,
"enabling operators to adopt the latest, most powerful technologies and
ensuring consumers enjoy the very best range of services at the lowest
possible prices".

Toure admits the economic crisis has sounded the alarm for the need for
effective regulation, "and the need for dialogue on the role of Government,
which is now considering the need for State intervention to ensure, among
other elements, the development of a 'broadband economy'."

Furthermore, the report argues that regulators and policy-makers can
tackle the potential risk for under-investment in tomorrow's networks through
a two-pronged approach that involves Government-backed funding programmes and
effective regulatory strategies and policies.

The role of the telecoms industry in global economic growth is no doubt
one of the issues that will be on the agenda at the Next Generation Telecoms
MENA Summit 2011, which takes place from 31 October to 2 November at The
Meydan Hotel, Jumeirah, Dubai. This closed-door summit, hosted by GDS
International, features some of the leading voices in the MENA telecoms

Along with telecoms regulation, other key topics for discussion include
maximising mobile broadband profitability, the telco cloud opportunity and
mobile payments.

Next Generation Telecoms MENA Summit 2011 is an exclusive C-level event
reserved for 100 participants that includes expert workshops, facilitated
roundtables, peer-to-peer networks and co-ordinated meetings.

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