Chloralkali and Soda Ash Demand in China to Boost Salt Market Through 2015

By Roskill Information Services, PRNE
Monday, April 18, 2011

Roskill Information Services

LONDON, April 19, 2011 - Over 80% of salt is consumed in four main applications: chloralkali
production, synthetic soda ash production, de-icing and food/food processing.
Growth in world salt consumption during the mid-2000s was led by higher
demand from the chemicals sector, notably in the Asian region but
particularly in China. A rise in Chinese consumption in 2009 offset falls in
the mature western economies due to the global economic downturn, with a
recovery in demand observed in 2010. China now accounts for over 30% of world
salt consumption, putting it ahead of Europe and North America.

Salt production increased by 3%py between 2003 and 2009 to total 262Mt
but showed little or no increase in 2010 due to lower output in the USA,
Australia, Ukraine, India and Indonesia caused by adverse weather conditions.
China contributed to over two-thirds of the growth in output from 2003 to
2009 and surpassed the USA as the world's largest producer in 2006. Other
major producing countries are India, Germany, Canada and Australia. These
countries are also large exporters of salt.

However, global salt trade accounts for only around 20% of total
production due to its high bulk and low value. Trade in salt is therefore
largely intra-regional, with only Mexico and Australia shipping large volumes
to other regions. A rise in shipments from Africa to Europe in 2010 reflected
a shortage of de-icing salt because of a colder-than-average winter in the
Northern Hemisphere.

Salt production is relatively concentrated among only a few leading
producers. Seven companies, each with capacity over 10Mtpy, account for 40%
of salt production. These include K+S Group, CNSIC, Cargill, Solvay and Dow
Chemical. The last two companies produce salt mainly for captive consumption
in chemicals production. K+S Group's acquisition of Morton Salt in 2009
almost doubled its total capacity.

Future demand for salt is forecast to rise by 3.3%py between 2009 and
2015, but the high growth rate partly reflects lower consumption in 2009 and
a sharp recovery in 2010. Demand growth between 2010 and 2015 could be closer
to 3%py. Asian consumption of salt, particularly in chemicals in China, will
continue to lead growth and could reach 137Mt, almost half of total forecast
salt demand in 2015. Demand for salt in chloralkali production could increase
by 5%py, or 30Mt, through 2015, while increased soda ash production may add
another 10Mt to demand over the same period.

Projected salt demand of 290Mt in 2015 means production will need to rise
by at least 30Mt over 2010. Planned increases in production capacity through
expansions and new projects have the potential to add more than 30Mtpy to
total capacity by 2015, but the market is forecast to remain tight and any
outages or project delays could affect salt availability.

Salt prices tend to track rises in production costs and have typically
been in the order of 3-4%py. Late 2010 saw higher prices as supply tightened.
Volatility in pricing could remain a feature of the salt market through 2015,
especially if additional capacity and supply fails to keep pace with demand.

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    Table of Contents
    1                 Summary

    2                 Introduction and properties of salt

    3                 Mining and processing of salt
    3.1               Solar evaporation
    3.2               Rock salt mining
    3.3               Solution mining
    3.4               Grades of salt
    3.5               Salt additives

    4                 World production of salt
    4.1               World production of salt by region
    4.1.1             Production of salt in Asia
    4.1.2             Production of salt in North America
    4.1.3             Production of salt in Europe
    4.1.4             Production of salt in Central and South America
    4.1.5             Production of salt in Oceania
    4.1.6             Production of salt in the Middle East
    4.1.7             Production of salt in Africa
    4.2               Leading producers of salt
    4.3               Potential expansion in salt production capacity

    5                 Review of salt production in Asia by country
    5.1               Azerbaijan
    5.2               Bangladesh
    5.3               Burma
    5.4               Cambodia
    5.5               China
    5.5.1             Production of salt in China
    5.5.2             Producers of salt in China           China National Salt Industry Corporation           Chongqing Hechuan Salinization           Chongqing Yihua Chemical Industry           Dalian Fuzhou Bay Salt Works           Guangyan Huayuan Salt Manufacture           Huaibei Mining           Hubei Lantian Salt Mine           Hubei Yihua Chemical Industry           Hunan Xiangheng Salt Mine          Jiangsu Huailai Salt & Chemicals          Jiangsu Jingshen Salt Industry          Jiangsu Salt Industry Group          Jiangxi Fuda Salt Mining          Jiangxi Salt Mine          Qingdao Longjing Economic & Trade          Qingdao Tianri Salt          Qinghai Salt Industry          Qinghai Soda Ash          Shandong Caiyangzi Saltworks          Shandong Dadi Salt Chemicals          Shandong Haihua Group          Shandong Lubei Enterprise          Shandong Weifang Longwei Industry          Shandong Yuyuan Group          Shouguang Dongqing Wood          Shouguang City Haoyuan Chemical          Shouguang Weidong Chemical          Sichuan Hebang Salt Chemicals          Sichuan Jiuda Salt Manufacturing          Tangshan Sanyou Group          Tianjin Changlu Haijing Group          Weifang Haijinshe Chemical          Weifang Haitai Salt Chemicals          Xinjiang Zhongtai Chemicals          Yantai Honghai Salt Industry          Yingkou Salt          Yunnan Salt & Salt Chemicals          Yunnan Yipinglang Salt Mine          New projects
    5.6               India
    5.6.1             Production of salt in India
    5.6.2             Trade in salt in India
    5.6.3             Producers of salt in India           Ankur Chemfood Products           Archaen Group           Brilliant Salt Refinery           Century Chemicals           Chemplast Sanmar           Chirai Salt Works           Chowgule & Co (Salt)           DCW           Friends Salt Works          G. Das          GHCL          Hindustan Salts          Hindustan Unilever          Humma Binchanapalli Salt Complex          Jaydeep Chemical          Krishna Salt          Kutch Salt & Allied Industries          Naveen Utsah Sahakari Samiti          Nirma          Rajkumar Group          Saboo Sodium Chloro          Solaris ChemTech          Sri Balamurugan Salt          Super Salts          Tamil Nadu Salt          Tata Chemicals          Tuticorin Alkali Chemicals & Fertilizers          United Enterprises          Other producers
    5.7               Indonesia
    5.7.1             Production of salt in Indonesia
    5.7.2             Producers of salt in Indonesia           PT Cheetham Garam           PT Garam           PT Susanti Megah
    5.8               Japan
    5.8.1             Suppliers of salt in Japan           Diamond Salt           Mitsubishi Chemicals           Mitsui           Naikai Salt Industry           Nihon Kaisui           Tokuyama Soda
    5.9               Kazakhstan
    5.1               North Korea
    5.11              South Korea
    5.12              Kyrgyzstan
    5.13              Laos
    5.14              Mongolia
    5.15              Pakistan
    5.15.1            Producers of salt in Pakistan          Al-AMIN Salt Refinery          Himalaya Crystal Salt          Hub-Pak Salt Refinery          PMDC
    5.16              Philippines
    5.17              Sri Lanka
    5.17.1            Producers of salt in Sri Lanka          Lanka Salt          Manthai Salt          Raigam Group
    5.18              Taiwan
    5.19              Tajikistan
    5.2               Thailand
    5.20.1            Pimai Salt
    5.21              Turkmenistan
    5.22              Uzbekistan
    5.23              Vietnam
    5.23.1            Producers of salt in Vietnam
    6                 Review of salt production in North America by country
    6.1               Canada
    6.1.1             Occurrence of salt in Canada
    6.1.2             Production of salt in Canada
    6.1.3             Producers of salt in Canada           Agrium           The Canadian Salt Company           Canexus           ERCO Worldwide           Junex           NSC Minerals           Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan           Sifto Canada           The Mosaic Company
    6.2               Mexico
    6.2.1             Producers of salt in Mexico           Comercial Salinera de Yucatan           Cooperativa de Salineros de Colima           Exportadora de Sal           Grupo Salina de Lobos           Industria del Alcali           Mexichem Salinera del Sur           Sales del Istmo
    6.3               USA
    6.3.1             Production of salt in the USA
    6.3.2             Trade in salt in the USA
    6.3.3             Producers of salt in the USA           American Rock Salt           Cargill Salt           Central Salt           Compass Minerals           Dakota Salt           Detroit Salt Company           Dow Chemical           Eastern Salt           Georgia Gulf          Granite State Minerals          Huck Salt          Hutchinson Salt          Independent Salt          Intrepid Potash          Morton Salt          New Mexico Salt and Mineral          Olin          OxyChem          PPG Industries          Redmond Clays & Salt          Salt Products          Searles Valley Minerals          Shintech          South Bay Salt Works          TETRA Technologies          Texas Brine          The Mosaic Company          United Salt          US Salt

    7                 Review of salt production in Europe by country
    7.1               Albania
    7.2               Armenia
    7.3               Austria
    7.3.1             Osterreichischen Salinen
    7.4               Belarus
    7.4.1             Producers of salt in Belarus           RUE PA Belaruskali           JSC MozyrSalt
    7.5               Belgium
    7.5.1             Solvay
    7.6               Bosnia and Herzegovina
    7.7               Bulgaria
    7.7.1             Producers of salt in Bulgaria
    7.8               Croatia
    7.9               Denmark
    7.1               France
    7.10.1            Producers of salt in France          Arkema          Consortium du Jambon de Bayonne          esco          Groupe Salins          Novacarb          Perstorp France          Saline d'Einville          Solvay
    7.11              Germany
    7.11.1            Producers of salt in Germany          Dow Chemical          K+S Group          Saline Luisenhall          Salzgewinnungsgesellschaft Westfalen          Sodawerk Stassfurt          Suedsalz          Suedwestdeutsche Salzwerke          Wacker-Chemie
    7.12              Greece
    7.12.1            Producers of salt in Greece
    7.13              Italy
    7.13.1            Producers of salt in Italy          Atisale          Compagnia Italiana Sali          Italkali          Saline di Cervia          Solvay Chimica Italia          SOPOMA          Syndial
    7.14              Montenegro
    7.15              Netherlands
    7.15.1            Producers of salt in the Netherlands          AkzoNobel          Frisa Zout
    7.16              Poland
    7.16.1            Producers of salt in Poland          Anwil          Inowroclaw Salt Mines Solino          KGHM Polska Mied?          Klodawa Salt Mine          Kompania W?glowa          Soda Polska Ciech          Wieliczka Salt Mine          Zoutman Industries
    7.17              Portugal
    7.17.1            Producers of salt in Portugal          CUF Quimicos Industriais          Salexpor          Solvay Portugal          Vatel          Other producers
    7.18              Romania
    7.18.1            Salrom
    7.19              Russia
    7.19.1            Producers of salt in Russia          Bassol          Iletskol          Silvinit          Soda Sterlitamak          Tyretskii Solerudnik          Usol'e Salt Production
    7.19.2            Potential salt projects in Russia
    7.2               Serbia
    7.21              Slovakia
    7.22              Slovenia
    7.23              Spain
    7.23.1            Producers of salt in Spain          Bras del Port          Ercros          esco Spain          Iberica de Sales          Iberpotash          INFOSA          Jumsal          Proasal Salinera de Andalucia          Sal Coloma         Sales de Monzon         Salinas de Bonmati         Salinas de Navarra         Salinas de S'Avall         Salinera de Cardona         Salinera Espa?ola         Salins Iberica         Solvay
    7.24              Switzerland
    7.24.1            Producers of salt in Switzerland          Saline de Bex          United Swiss Saltworks
    7.25              UK
    7.25.1            Producers of salt in the UK          British Salt          Cleveland Potash          INEOS Enterprises          Irish Salt Mining and Exploration          Salt Union          Natural salt producers
    7.26              Ukraine
    7.26.1            Producers of salt in Ukraine          Artyomsol          Crimean Soda          Karpatneftekhim          Slavyansk Salt Mining

    8                 Review of salt production in South and Central America
                      by country
    8.1               Argentina
    8.1.1             Producers of salt in Argentina           ALPAT           Celusal           Cia Introductora de Buenos Aires           La Industrial Salinera           Proinsal
    8.2               Bahamas
    8.3               Bolivia
    8.4               Brazil
    8.4.1             Producers of salt in Brazil           Braskem           Comercio e Industria de Moagem e Refinacao Santa
                      Cecilia           Dow Brasil Nordeste           Henrique Lage Salineira do Nordeste           Norsal           Refinaria Nacional de Sal           Salina Diamante Branco           Salinas do Nordeste           F. Souto          Vale          Other producers
    8.5               Chile
    8.5.1             Producers of salt in Chile           SPL           Other producers
    8.6               Colombia
    8.6.1             Producers of salt in Colombia           Brinsa           Colsalminas           IFI-Concesion de Salinas           Quimpac de Colombia
    8.7               Costa Rica
    8.8               Cuba
    8.9               Ecuador
    8.1               El Salvador
    8.11              Guatemala
    8.12              Honduras
    8.13              Jamaica
    8.14              Netherlands Antilles
    8.15              Nicaragua
    8.16              Panama
    8.17              Peru
    8.17.1            Producers of salt in Peru          GrowMax Agri          Quimpac
    8.18              Venezuela
    8.18.1            Producers of salt in Venezuela          Essasa          INDUSALCA          Ingeomin          Productora de Sal          Salinera

    9                 Review of salt production in Oceania by country
    9.1               Australia
    9.1.1             Exports of salt from Australia
    9.1.2             Producers of salt in Australia           Cheetham Salt           Dampier Salt           Lipp's           Mitsui & Co (Australia)           Mulgundawa Salt Mine           Olsson's Industries           Pyramid Salt           SunSalt           WA Salt Group          Salt projects
    9.2               New Zealand
    9.2.1             Dominion Salt

    10                Review of salt production in the Middle East by country
    10.1              Abu Dhabi
    10.2              Afghanistan
    10.3              Iran
    10.3.1            Producers of salt in Iran          Captive operations          Mine operations          Solar salt operations          Refining operations
    10.4              Iraq
    10.5              Israel
    10.5.1            Producers of salt in Israel          Israel Chemicals          Israel Salt
    10.6              Jordan
    10.7              Kuwait
    10.8              Lebanon
    10.9              Oman
    10.1              Qatar
    10.11             Saudi Arabia
    10.11.1           Production of rock salt in Saudi Arabia
    10.11.2           Brine recovery in Saudi Arabia
    10.12             Syria
    10.13             Turkey
    10.13.1           Producers of salt in Turkey         Alkim Alkali Kimya         Altundal-Cakmak Joint Venture         Binbir Gida Tarim UEruenleri         Cihanbeyli Salt Mining         Estuz         Eurosalt Salt Industry         Gokay Construction & Mining         Koyuncu Nakliye Pazarlama         Mutlucan Tuz Madencilik        Salina Salt        Saray Tuz        Soda Sanayii        TEKEL        Tekin Salt
    10.14             Yemen

    11                Review of salt production in Africa by country
    11.1              Algeria
    11.2              Angola
    11.3              Benin
    11.4              Botswana
    11.5              Djibouti
    11.5.1            Production of salt in Djibouti          Current production          Salt project
    11.6              Egypt
    11.6.1            Producers of salt in Egypt          Cookina Salt          Egypt Salt          El-Mex Salines          El Nasr Salines          EMISAL
    11.7              Eritrea
    11.8              Ethiopia
    11.9              Ghana
    11.9.1            Producers of salt in Ghana          Cooperatives          Fetteh Salt          Ningbo Salt          Panbros Salt Industry          Popular Foods West Africa          Songhor Salt Project          Other producers
    11.1              Kenya
    11.11             Libya
    11.12             Madagascar
    11.13             Mali
    11.14             Mauritius
    11.15             Morocco
    11.15.1           Producers of salt in Morocco         SCS         SSM
    11.16             Mozambique
    11.17             Namibia
    11.17.1           Producers of salt in Namibia         Cape Cross Salt Mining         The Salt Company         Walvis Bay Salt Holdings
    11.18             Niger
    11.19             Nigeria
    11.19.1           Processors of salt in Nigeria         NASCON         Royal Salt         Union Dicon Salt
    11.2              Senegal
    11.21             South Africa
    11.21.1           Producers of salt in South Africa         Cerebos         Saamwerk Soutwerke         Straits Chemicals         Swartkops SeeSout         United Salt
    11.22             Sudan
    11.23             Tanzania
    11.24             Tunisia
    11.24.1           Producers of salt in Tunisia         COTUSAL         SAIDA
    11.25             Uganda

    12                International trade in salt
    12.1              Exports of salt
    12.2              Imports of salt
    12.3              Regional trade in salt
    12.3.1            Asia
    12.3.2            North America
    12.3.3            Europe
    12.3.4            Central and South America
    12.3.5            Oceania
    12.3.6            Africa and Middle East

    13                World consumption of salt
    13.1              Consumption of salt by end-use
    13.2              Market balance for salt
    13.3              Future trends in consumption of salt

    14                Use of salt in chloralkali production
    14.1              Chloralkali processing
    14.2              Type of salt consumed in chloralkali production
    14.3              Chloralkali demand
    14.4              Chloralkali supply
    14.4.1            China
    14.4.2            North America
    14.4.3            Europe
    14.4.4            Japan
    14.4.5            India
    14.5              Trends in demand for salt in chloralkali production

    15                Use of salt in synthetic soda ash production
    15.1              Synthetic soda ash processing
    15.1.1            Solvay process
    15.1.2            Other processes
    15.2              Soda ash demand
    15.3              Synthetic soda ash supply
    15.4              Trends in demand for salt in synthetic soda ash

    16                Use of salt in other chemical applications
    16.1              Sodium chlorate production
    16.2              Sodium metal production
    16.3              Hydrochloric acid production

    17                Use of salt in road de-icing
    17.1              Type of salt used in de-icing
    17.2              Trends in demand for salt in de-icing

    18                Use of salt in food and food processing
    18.1              Type of salt used in food and food processing
    18.2              Trends in demand for salt in food and food processing

    19                Use of salt in other applications
    19.1              Use of salt in animal feed
    19.2              Use of salt in water treatment
    19.2.1            Water softening
    19.2.2            Water chlorinators
    19.2.3            Ponds and aquaria
    19.3              Use of salt in pharmaceuticals
    19.4              Industrial uses for salt
    19.4.1            Oil and gas exploration
    19.4.2            Textiles and dyes
    19.4.3            Pulp and paper
    19.4.4            Metals processing
    19.4.5            Tanning and leather
    19.4.6            Rubber
    19.4.7            Others

    20                Prices of salt
    20.1              Historical salt prices
    20.2              Future trends in salt prices

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