Cancun: We Need Agreement in the Interests of a Zero-Waste Future

By Lifetime Recycling Village, PRNE
Monday, December 6, 2010

Brian Kilgour, Managing Director of Lifetime Recycling Village Speaks Out on the Need to Set Global Climate Change Targets This Week in Mexico

GLASGOW, December 7, 2010 - "As we move towards the end of this year's United Nations (UN)
Climate Change Conference in Cancun, the importance of reaching global
agreement on cutting carbon emissions and meeting targets for waste could not
be more significant.

"Progress so far has been disappointing in terms of securing
the support of richer countries to extend the Kyoto protocol and clearly
state their plans for emissions cuts by 2012. Yet, we need only look at the
growing problem of waste management in many of the world's most developed
countries to see that this is an urgent issue that we need to face up to.

"Millions of tonnes of waste are sent to landfill
unnecessarily every year. Yet today, we have the technology and expertise to
provide alternative solutions to waste, which are cleaner, greener and of
huge benefit to local communities. In Scotland, Lifetime Recycling Village is
embarking on a project that will provide a comprehensive solution for waste,
without resorting to the use of landfill at any stage.

"We need strict targets - and the support of global leaders at
Cancun today - to ensure that these pressing problems are properly addressed
and to support the growth of low-carbon technologies to meet these

Notes for Editors

Brian Kilgour is Managing Director of Lifetime Recycling Village

Lifetime Recycling Village is currently developing proposals for a
closed loop renewable energy facility in the West of Scotland that will take
in 1.5 million tonnes of mixed waste a year and recycle and remanufacture all
of it without the need for landfill

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