ACI ecoTec Set to Dominate Global Supply of Wafer Process Carriers for Solar Cell Production

By Day4 Energy Inc., PRNE
Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Day4 Subsidiary on Schedule to Deliver More Than 5,000 of its ecoCarrier(TM) in 2010

BURNABY, Canada, December 1, 2010 - Day4 Energy, a leading global provider of solar photovoltaic (PV)
products and solutions, announces its subsidiary, ACI ecoTec GMBH (ACI), a
leading production automation and process equipment supplier for the
photovoltaic industry, is on target to deliver more than 5,000 of its
ecoCarrier(TM) in 2010, extending its market share to account for more than
50% of the estimated world-wide market for process carriers. The announcement
marks a 30% increase over the same 12 month period in 2009.

Designed and built in Germany, the ACI ecoCarrier is a state of the art
solution integral to the process of manufacturing, transporting and stocking
photovoltaic wafers and cells in wet-chemical batch processing. The carrier
features unmatched stability with non-existent dead-spots and holds between
50 and 100 wafers per carrier ranging in size from 125 to 156 mm for optimum
processing results. The ecoCarrier is made from high grade materials
specially coated to resist rugged environmental conditions and dramatic
shifts in temperature with excellent drying capability to reduce cross
contamination between processes. Its high position accuracy and stable
notched frame allows for the precision required in automated loading and
unloading of wafers in the PV cell manufacturing process.

"We have tested various carriers on the market. The ACI ecoCarrier has
excellent overall performance and provides an important added value in our
process chain," remarked Marc Rogovin, Vice President, CPO, SUNIVA, Inc., a
world leader in PV cell and module technology. "Its innovative design and
materials help reduce breakage, boost cell production and minimize lead
times," concluded Mr. Rogovin.

"In light of our recent merger, it's rewarding to see ACI's global
recognition as the standard solution for carrying and processing solar PV
wafers and cells during solar cell manufacturing," says George Rubin,
President of Day4 Energy. "We look forward to celebrating many more joint
successes as we combine our innovative technologies and processes in the
advancement of the solar PV industry."

The recent combination of Day4 Energy's proprietary and patented
technologies with ACI's specialized equipment and manufacturing processes
resulted in the launch of Day4 solarSYSTEMS, a revolutionary franchise
turn-key manufacturing program that significantly alters the traditional
approach to manufacturing and distributing solar photovoltaic cells and
modules. To learn more, please visit

About Day4 Energy

Headquartered in Vancouver, Canada, Day4 Energy is a leading global
provider of solar photovoltaic products and solutions. Active in the areas of
research & design, manufacturing, technology licensing and all aspects of
project management, Day4 Energy is enabling the growth of solar energy
throughout the world. Day4 is listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the
symbol "DFE". For more information, please visit

About Day4 solarSYSTEMS

An industry first, Day4 solarSYSTEMS is a program that enables businesses
to manufacture, distribute and sell certified DAY4 branded solarMODULES in
their local region. It's a revolutionary approach - a turnkey manufacturing
package that allows participants to swiftly establish a production facility
and generate revenue growth. Launched in early 2010, Day4 solarSYSTEMS is a
turnkey manufacturing program to expand the supply and market penetration of
Day4 branded solar modules and increase the worldwide adoption of solar. To
learn more, please visit

About ACI ecoTec GmbH

ACI ecoTec GmbH located in South Germany, develops, builds, and
integrates state-of-the-art production automation and process equipment for
the photovoltaic industry. Products include the ecoSol(R) for the production
of Solar Modules; the ecoContact(TM) for contacting of Thin Film Modules and
Cells; the ecoSplit(TM) for raw wet wafer separation, and a leading
market-share process carrier for solar wafers and cells, the ecoCarrier(TM).
In 2010, ACI was recognized as one of the most innovative companies in
Germany by the Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration.
Day4 Energy completed the acquisition of ACI ecoTec in November, 2010. For
more information, please visit

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