Is it Possible to Balance Economic Growth, Commercial Development and Environmental Considerations?

By Iqpc Middle East, PRNE
Tuesday, November 30, 2010

DUBAI, UAE, December 1, 2010 - Aqaba Development Corporation discuses achieving the balance between
project objectives, marine and coastal engineering and national economic
development objectives.

Marine and coastal development has seen a boom in recent years across the
Middle East. This growth is due to high demand for prime waterfront real
estate and mixed use developments to sustain the modern urban lifestyle and
business requirements.

In order to better understand the challenges and opportunities facing
project development Construction IQ has researched the Aqaba Development to
better understand their objectives and formula for success.

Aqaba Development Corporation are the central development corporation for
the Aqaba Special Economic Zone (ASEZ); ADC is mandated to develop Aqaba
Special Economic Zone (ASEZ), build new infrastructure and required
superstructure, or expand existing ones, also create necessary business
enablers for ASEZ; and to manage and operate its key facilities. ADC plan to
complete the preparation of the long-term master plan for the seaport
community (Aqaba New Port, Aqaba Container Terminal, Ferry Terminal,
Phosphate Terminal, Industrial Terminal, Oil Jetty and Miscellaneous Liquid
Jetty), airport and various real estate development projects in addition to
its responsibility to implement the ASEZ Master Plan in a manner that ensures
integrated development.

ADC had proven to be an ideal model for a true partnership between the
public and private sectors where ADC implements Public Private Partnership
(PPP) transactions in the development and management of ASEZ's strategic
assets thorough maximising attraction of private sector developers/operators
to enhance efficiency and ensure funding for the development of the Zone.

ADC also consider the impact of port community's developments on the
coastline. ADC consider all projects essential for Jordan's economy,
meanwhile, there were some concerns related to the environmental impact on
the marine life of the Aqaba Gulf for implementing such projects but all
projects conducted an environmental impact assessment according to ASEZA's
regulations which included participation of the local community and project
stakeholders through conducting public hearings and did all the necessary
precautions to prevent any environmental hazards that might be caused through
the construction and the operational phase.

When Construction IQ asked Mohammed S. Turk, ADC's CEO what he thought
about the event he said "Sponsoring and participating in this summit reflects
ADC's continued commitment to provide world class infrastructure for all
existing and upcoming projects while maintaining a sustainable balance
between developing the Zone and maintaining and preserving its natural
environment. Aqaba is quite privileged to welcome this summit, as it
represents a platform for professionals in the field to focus on the key
industry challenges through regional project case studies and identify
opportunities of growth and improvement."

Landmark projects have also been developed in the UAE, Qatar, Kuwait and
Bahrain, these projects have added to regional economic growth and commercial
development into previously under developed areas or regeneration areas.
Achieving project success and creation of exceptional end user environment
and urban spaces needs to be balanced with the impact of construction on the

Construction IQ asked Oliver Roborgh, Senior Project Manager, Mourjan
Marinas and a speaker at Marine & Coastal Engineering Jordan for his
perspective of marine and coastal development. Roborgh said "As we move
towards integrated lifestyles, marinas are playing an increasingly important
role in the Middle East where boating destinations are being designed along
with public spaces and commercial hubs. We are developing and managing some
of the region's premier yachting lifestyle destinations and we look forward
to being a part of the Marine & Coastal Engineering Jordan event to discuss
the current status of the industry, trends and the future of the boating

The Marine and Coastal Engineering Jordan event will take place from the
12 -14 December at the Kempinski Hotel, Aqaba for more information visit

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