Canton Fair Expands 'Cup of Joy' Trade Matching Service

By China Foreign Trade Centre cftc, PRNE
Sunday, July 11, 2010

GUANGZHOU, China, July 12, 2010 - The ultimate goal of the Canton Fair is to provide businesses from the
world over with a platform for profitable, efficient, and sustainable
opportunities for trade. Indeed, the bi-annual event has been successful at
doing so for over 50 years now. The reason organizers have consistently
attracted the most perspicacious buyers and sellers from around the globe is
simple: they do more than just provide a physical venue. A great bevy of
services augment the allure of the Canton Fair, and these services grow in
both number and quality every time around.

For the Guangzhou mainstay's 107th installment, organizers announced the
expansion of the Fair's "Cup of Joy" trade matching service, which aims to
meet the highly sophisticated needs of Fair buyers and sellers. This service
is no longer general in nature, but now takes three unique forms. Each saw
tangible results during the Fair in April, as evinced by corresponding events
co-run by involved partner organizations.

On April 17, for example, the Guangzhou Municipal Economy and Trade
Office sponsored an event whose participants included ASEAN customers and
chambers of commerce. This embodies one of the three new facets of the "Cup
of Joy" trade matching service: to hold talks between delegations with
specific procurement goals and the appropriate participating exhibitors.

The second new role of the service's expansion is to foment friendly
alliances in case specific demands are made of exhibitors and buyers.
Participants left pleased after the Ningxia Autonomous Region hosted a
delegation of about 100 Middle Eastern businessmen in a mutual quest for
smooth and successful trade relations.

Lastly, the "Cup of Joy" seeks to facilitate interaction between buyers
and sellers at events themed according to commodity. On May 3, around 60
buyers and sellers of children's clothing products convened for a conference
that bore fiscal fruit for all involved.

The aforementioned events are just a few of the many that were added to
quench participant thirst in this first round of expansion of the "Cup of
Joy." All in all, it's beginning to look like nobody can leave Guangzhou
without feeling fully satiated. Let's just hope that when more businesses
show up for the 108th Fair, this "Cup of Joy" will be spilling with even more
rewards for those who drink from it.

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