Cellectricon Files Patent Infringement Suit Against Fluxion Biosciences

By Cellectricon Ab, PRNE
Sunday, January 31, 2010

GOTHENBURG, Sweden, February 1 - Cellectricon AB today announced that it has resumed its litigation
against Fluxion Biosciences, Inc. Cellectricon filed the lawsuit in July 2009
in the United States District Court for the Northern District of California
alleging infringement of several United States patents issued or licensed to
Cellectricon for microfluidic technology used in Cellectricon's
state-of-the-art ion channel drug screening solution, the Dynaflow(R)HT
System. Cellectricon's U.S. Patents Nos. 7,390,650, 7,470,518 and 7,563,614
have been asserted in the litigation, as well as U.S. Patent No. 5,376,252,
which is owned by Gyros, and licensed to Cellectricon.

Annelie Skafte Persson, Cellectricon's Chief Executive Officer, said,
"Cellectricon invents and develops advanced cell-based microfluidic screening
solutions for applications in drug discovery and basic research. Cellectricon
has an extensive intellectual property portfolio with novel cell-based
screening technologies based on fifteen years of world-renowned research. To
ensure a fair return on our research and development efforts we must protect
our intellectual property and we will take all necessary steps to prevent its
unauthorized use."

Cellectricon's Chairman Lars-Eric Utterman added, "Cellectricon is a
highly innovative company which has successfully launched several advanced
screening systems on the life science market. Today's litigation is a
strategic step to defend Cellectricon's intellectual property from being

About Cellectricon

Cellectricon AB, a Swedish biotech company, successfully
provides groundbreaking products to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology
industries. The company utilizes state-of-the-art interfaces to biological
systems by employing novel microfluidic technologies. This enables completely
new types of assays and devices with superior performance characteristics and
robustness. Cellectricon's products address critical bottlenecks in the drug
discovery process and have been adopted by top-reference customers, including
nine of the top ten pharmaceutical companies. Cellectricon has developed two
pioneering high throughput screening platforms in close collaboration with
leaders in the pharmaceutical industry. Used in preclinical pharmaceutical
development, the Cellaxess(R)HT System enables high throughput transfection
for genomic screening and the Dynaflow(R)HT System greatly advances ion
channel drug discovery.

    Contact Details:

    Annelie Skafte Persson, CEO
    E-mail: annelie.skafte.persson@cellectricon.com

    Susanne Fagerlund, VP Marketing & Communications
    E-mail: susanne.fagerlund@cellectricon.com

Contact Details: Annelie Skafte Persson, CEO, +46(0)31-760-35-03, E-mail: annelie.skafte.persson at cellectricon.com; Susanne Fagerlund, VP Marketing & Communications, +46(0)31-760-35-15, E-mail: susanne.fagerlund at cellectricon.com

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