Hamburg is Setting the Bar for Sustainable Urban Development at EXPO 2010 Shanghai

By Hamburg Marketing Gmbh, PRNE
Thursday, April 29, 2010

HAMBURG, April 30, 2010 - As the EXPO Shanghai opens on 1st of May, Hamburg's answer to this year's
theme, "Better City, Better Life," will be the Hamburg-House - China's first
certified Passive- House. It will be accompanied by an excellent exhibition
and cultural-programme.

Picture will be available via epa European pressphoto agency on Sunday
2nd of May 2010 approx. 11:00am CET and can be downloaded free of charge at:

In a world that is shaped by climate change and globalisation,
how are future generations going to live? How can the quality of life be
maintained for urban communities? These are only some of the questions to be
addressed at the EXPO 2010 in Shanghai, the theme of which will be "Better
City, Better Life". More than 240 countries, organisations and cities will be
presenting their answers through innovative concepts and projects. Hamburg,
Shanghai's twin city, is the only German city that has been chosen by the
Shanghai EXPO committee to present its own building project, the Hamburg
House. So Hamburg has built China's first certified Passive-House, a building
that, thanks to most modern environmental engineering from Hamburg, uses only
very little energy.

Visitors to the EXPO will be able to experience the advantages
of this ecological construction designed for living and working under one
roof. At the same time, visitors will get the opportunity to discover the
significance of this north German metropolis, ranging from sustainable urban
development and architecture to climate protection. In addition,
Hamburg will display its long-standing relationship with China and its
economic relevance as a port city (

With the presentation, Hamburg once again proves that it is
one of the world's leading cities in regards to environmental and climate
protection. The city's sustainability strategy is in fact one of the reasons
why the European Commission has awarded Hamburg the title "European Green
Capital 2011".

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