Chocolate, Alcohol and Cigarettes Top Abstinence List for 2011

By Eisberg Non Alcoholic Wine, PRNE
Monday, March 7, 2011

Yet 1 in 4 Brits Admit That Seven Days off the Booze is a Struggle

MANCHESTER, England, March 8, 2011 - A study out today reveals that chocolate (44%), alcohol (20%) and
cigarettes (17%) are the most popular 'vices' to cut out for the 40 days and
40 nights of Lent this year.

Giving up sex (5%), abstaining from social networks (3%) and switching
off the TV (2%) are other pledges being considered by the British public for
the traditionally Catholic period of penance.

The research* by alcohol free wine Eisberg reveals that 23% of the
British public are planning on giving something up from March 9 2011 although
only 30% are doing so for religious purposes. Other reasons include for
health reasons 64%, to lose weight 44% and to save money 49%.

The findings uncovered that 30% of respondents are very regular drinkers,
ie drinking more than 3 or 4 times a week, with 14% indulging in a boozy
beverage almost every night. A surprising 25% admit they never take more than
seven consecutive days off drinking alcohol.

To help people who are trying to cut back on their alcohol intake, the
alcohol free wine brand Eisberg has launched a 40/40 pledge at to offer daily help and advice to cope
with everyday temptations.

Fran Draper, Brand Manager of Eisberg comments: "Giving up something you
really enjoy for whatever reason is always a struggle which is why we've
launched the Eisberg 40days/40nights pledge through Facebook, offering people
practical support and recognition for the dedication of sticking to it."

The full list of vices that people intend to abstain from in Lent 2011

Chocolate 44%, alcohol 20%, sex 5%, cigarettes 17%, caffeine 8%, social
networking 3%, swearing 11%, sugar 12%,TV 2%, gaming 4% and other 10%.

*Omnibus survey of 1000 people in March 2011

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