Crosscheck Networks Earns Patent for Using Genetic Evolutionary Concepts to Address Security Vulnerabilities and Compliance

By Crosscheck Networks Inc., PRNE
Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Focus on Executable Innovation Adds to Company Intellectual Property Portfolio

BOSTON, January 20, 2011 - Crosscheck Networks, Inc. ( today announced
that the United States Patent and Trademark Office has issued US Patent
7,849,448 validating the company's unique method and technology - embodied in
SOAPSonar ( - to
determine services vulnerabilities and compliance by employing evolutionary
concepts and techniques inherent to Darwinian Natural Selection. With more
than 50,000 deployments in 42 countries, SOAPSonar enables enterprises
including Royal Bank of Canada, Premera Blue Cross, British
Telecommunications, the Dutch Health Care System and U.S. federal government
organizations to test their services in software, VMware and now, the cloud

Leveraging Genetic Programming (
principles pioneered by John R. Koza
(, Crosscheck Networks'
patented technique enables the mutation of messages to automatically build
attack vectors for SOAP, XML and RESTful services in a SOA deployment. Using
"survival of the fittest" techniques, attack vectors are naturally selected
over multiple generations to identify vulnerabilities precisely and in more
detail. Armed with detailed and intelligent analysis, corporations can
efficiently secure and harden their services to produce more robust SOA

"Mutations are efficient mechanisms for nature to break monotony and try
new patterns," said Mamoon Yunus, CEO of Crosscheck Networks. "A successful
pattern survives over generations, and reproduces with other successful
patterns to create an ever-evolving population. Using Natural Selection
within SOA enables rapid and efficient identification and subsequent
remediation of services vulnerabilities. Complementing our previously earned
patent for the Forum Sentry XML Gateway
(, Crosscheck Networks
now offers a holistic view - attack and defense - of securing services from
myriad vulnerabilities."

Security is a fundamental component of the SOA life cycle. Offering an
unmatched product suite, Crosscheck Networks empowers organizations to
automatically simulate (,
test ( and secure
( their services more
efficiently and effectively. By removing the time-intensive, manual processes
involved with service simulation, testing and security, Crosscheck Networks
helps enterprises rapidly scale and extend their SOA deployments in order to
drive critical business processes.

The SOAPSonar patent augments Crosscheck Networks' current patent
portfolio. In 2009, the United States Patent and Trademark Office issued US
Patent 7,516,333 ( to
Forum Systems, Crosscheck Networks' wholly owned subsidiary. The patent
provides broad coverage for XML Security functions such as XML-encryption,
XML-decryption and XML-signatures as well as general security policy
enforcement using a network appliance.

About Crosscheck Networks

Crosscheck Networks and its wholly owned subsidiary Forum Systems deliver
solutions for deploying robust, resilient, secure and reliable Service
Oriented Architecture (SOA). The company's integrated, holistic product suite
streamlines and optimizes resources throughout the SOA life cycle, ensuring
reduced time-to-market and more rapid return on investment. Recognized as a
technology innovator and security leader, Crosscheck Networks is the only
company granted a patent for its Forum Sentry XML Gateway and has been
certified by NIST and the U.S. Department of Defense. Crosscheck Networks is
also the only company with HP Enterprise Management Alliance Program (EMAP)
certification for SOA testing with native HP Quality Center Integration. For
more information, please visit

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