Delivering American Institute of Architects (AIA) Continued Education Points to Design and Construction Professionals in Egypt

By Iqpc Middle East, PRNE
Wednesday, January 19, 2011

DUBAI, UAE, January 20, 2011 - The American Institute of Architects (AIA) is dedicated to playing an
active role in the continuing education of its members through it's
Continuing Education System (CES). The aim is to provide valued opportunities
for AIA members to maximise their professional skills through effective
learning partnerships with firms and continuing education providers. Only CES
providers can offer professional learning units, the hallmark of quality in
continuing education and training.

One such CES provider is Green Builders, a licensee of AFM. AFM
Corporation is a technology and marketing licensing company that licenses
expanded polystyrene foam and structural insulated panel manufacturers
throughout the US and the world. In a recent interview, General Manager of
Green Builders, Mohammed Nasrelin commented that 'AFM have been delivering
AIA Accreditation Points for over 10 years now and it is a real pleasure to
be involved in the delivery of continued learning for design and construction
professionals. Not only do our sessions serve a purpose in facilitating
professional development but we also provide insight into the latest
developments in sustainable and maintainable solutions for the industry.'

Green Builders deliver 1-2 hour accredited sessions on structural
insulated panels (SIPs), expanded polystyrene, lightweight sight and sound
barrier solutions and expanded polystyrene geofoam. Their ground-breaking
session on SIPs addresses just how these structural insulated panels
contribute towards green building and environmental conservation, provides an
understanding of the basics of SIPS technology and explores expected green,
time efficient and economic benefits of using SIPS in the MENA region

IQPC's Cost-Effective Sustainable Design construction Egypt will provide
a dedicated session for Mohammed Nasreldin to deliver an hour long accredited
presentation on SIPs, resulting in all attendees receiving 8 CES points from
the AIA. This pivotal event will also provide case studies on Egypt's first
LEED certified building, consider the challenges faced when developing codes
and green standards for emerging countries in the Middle East and North
and will present industry best practice techniques on how to identify
appropriate materials and technologies for sustainable development. Held in
Cairo, Egypt from the 30 January - 2 February 2011, the launch in IQPC's
Sustainable Egypt events will bring together international key speakers to
share best-practice and methods of enforcing sustainable development for
communities. Other issues to be addressed will include understanding the
overall concept of green building compliance from different stakeholders
perspectives and exploring the cost-effective integration of LEED standards
for energy, atmosphere and water efficiency for new construction projects.

Attendees will benefit from four days of industry-leading presentations,
interactive panel sessions and exclusive workshops. Further details can be
obtained at

Further details can be obtained at

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