Cycle Training France Offers a Scenic Paradise to Cyclists and Rowers

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Villa Souvenir in South West France Provides New Training and Guided Cycling Tours Within Four Distinct Landscapes

LES LANDES, France, February 25, 2011 - Cycle Training France at gives
cyclists an opportunity to train in some of Europe's most idyllic settings
with new training camps and guided cycling tours. One new addition to the
cycling arena are rowers who cycle.

Just like cycling, rowing is an excellent source of cardiovascular
training, more rowers are embracing cycling as a regular part of their
training regimen.

Cycle Training France is located close to pristine waterways, known by
many rowers who witnessed the spectacular cycling roads stretching through
France's Les Landes countryside. "Rowers who also cycle find our Villa
Souvenir is a first choice with four wonderful landscapes perfect for
training and continual inspiration," said Peter Saborowsky, ex-Olympic rower,
long-time cyclist and founder of Cycle Training France.

The firm specializing in cycle training camps is headquartered in Villa
Souvenir, an estate built in the 1930s and located south of Bordeaux along
the Atlantic ocean, close to Biarritz, near the majestic Pyrenees. Cyclists
use Villa Souvenir as a hub for cycling trails that skirt beaches, wind
through Western Europe's largest forest and climb into mountainous terrain.

Using Villa Souvenir as a hub is unusual as most other cycling tours go
point to point. This means cyclists don't have to change beds each night and
live out of a suitcase carried in the support bus.

The new cycling camps and tours were started at Villa Souvenir in
response to the very positive experiences of elite and serious amateur rowers
who had used it over the past two decades. "Acclaimed gold medallist rower
Thomas Lange spends extended cycle vacations here and the Dutch and German
National rowing crews held rowing and cycling training camps here,"
Saborowsky said.

Cycle Training France offers guests excellent meals and training-oriented
food prepared by their own accomplished French chef.

The Villa is located in its own large wooded and tranquil parkland, where
being able to collapse in a hammock after training is a welcomed alternative
to the usual bedroom retreat.

Guests frequently comment on the star-filled country sky, a sight not
often seen in larger communities and cities. In spite of all the features and
amenities, Cycle Training France guided tours and training camps are priced

Contact: Peter Saborowsky,, +33558487971,

Contact: Peter Saborowsky, peter at, +33558487971, +33607833717

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