Egypt's Development Demands Could be met Through Optimised Foundation Design

By Iqpc Middle East, PRNE
Monday, November 1, 2010

DUBAI, UAE, November 2, 2010 - Egyptian development in recent years has been rapid, with the government
investing heavily in infrastructure, meaning many key projects are
construction or out for tender. In particular, Egypt's growing population and
lucrative natural resources are both creating demand for additional parking
and high quality construction projects.

Construction IQ caught up with the Secretary General for the Egyptian
Geotechnical Society Professor Moustafa El-Ghamrawy to discover his
perspective on this growth. Professor El-Ghamrawy said, "There has been vast
expansion and urban development in Egyptian metropolises in the past decades.
This created several problems including - for example - parking. Heavy
traffic due to expansion causes serious delays and financial losses."

He then went on to comment, "One of the causes of the sluggish traffic is
the lack of parking facilities. Hence it is imperative to construct
multi-basement garages in several sites in each city. Construction of
multi-basements requires thorough knowledge of piling and deep foundations
techniques in various soils and rocks."

However, each region in the Middle East has its own unique soil and
ground conditions that pose a challenge to this necessary kind of underground
construction. Dr. Amr Darrag, Director of the EGEC and Professor at Cairo
University, was approached to provide his comment on the demand for Egyptian
geotechnical expertise. Dr. Darrag said, "Egypt is the largest country in the
area, with the longest track record of experience in piling over almost 100
years. There is extensive need for piling due to increasing use of high rise
buildings and structures with heavy loads warranting the use of deep

In order to meet this demand for specialist expertise, IQPC's Piling &
Deep Foundations North Africa summit has been created. Professor El-Ghamrawy
commented, "It is important to run this piling and foundations event in Egypt
to exchange knowledge and brain storm state-of-the-art subject information."

The North African geotechnical community will gather at the JW Mariott
Hotel in Cairo from 22-25 November 2010. Industry experts from Hamza
Associates, DFI, Egyptian Geotechnical Society, Cairo University and Soilmec
will share presentations, engage in interactive discussions and networking
sessions and develop strategies for success.

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