Ethanol Summit Videos Now Available on Dedicated YouTube Channel

By Brazilian Sugarcane Industry Association unica, PRNE
Monday, July 11, 2011

SAO PAULO, July 12, 2011 -

One of the world’s premier events dedicated to renewable
energies, the Ethanol
Summit, now has its own channel on YouTube, the number-one
video sharing site on the internet. The channel includes all
panels, plenary sessions and ceremonies from the most recent
edition of the event, held this year at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in
Sao Paulo on June 6 and 7, plus all of the content from the 2009
edition, held in June of 2009 in Sao Paulo, which featured a
keynote address from former US President Bill Clinton.

The Ethanol Summit channel can be accessed directly at href="">,
or, specific sessions from the 2011 Summit can be accessed from the
‘webcasts’ page on the event website, href="">
“The content can be reached by going to the YouTube Summit channel
and conducting a search, or by selecting the desired session on the
‘webcasts’ page on the Summit website,” explains Paulo Zappa, web
coordinator at the Brazilian Sugarcane Industry Association
(UNICA), which organizes the Summit every two years.

On the ‘webcasts’ page, the various sessions at the 2011 Summit
are available according to where they were held. Opening and
closing ceremonies and main plenary sessions are under ‘Auditorium’
while the 15 panels are under the theme-specific rooms in which
they took place: Technology, Sustainability, Markets &
Investments, The Future and General Topics. Most sessions from the
last two editions of the Summit are already stored in the YouTube
channel, which will soon include all video content available.
Sessions not yet uploaded to the YouTube channel can already be
accessed on a page developed by PR Newswire, the company that
produced all webcasts at the 2011 Summit.

According to UNICA Corporate Communications Director Adhemar
, the YouTube channel provides a historical record of the
Ethanol Summit and serves other useful purposes: “it disseminates
the information presented at the event to a much larger audience
than could be accommodated at the event venue in two days and it
allows event participants to view sessions they could not attend in
person. With five theme-specific rooms offering sessions
simultaneously, this is the only way to take it all in.”

In all, the Ethanol Summit YouTube channel brings together eight
main plenary sessions, two opening and two closing ceremonies and
40 panels from the 2009 and 2011 editions of the event, totalling
more than 160 hours of video content involving more than 250
speakers, panelists and moderators. All PowerPoint presentations
utilized by 2011 Summit participants are also available on the
Ethanol Summit website, under ‘Presentations’.


The Brazilian Sugarcane Industry Association (UNICA) represents
the top producers of sugar and ethanol in the country’s
South-Central region, especially the state of Sao Paulo, which
accounts for about 60% of the country’s sugarcane harvest and of
total ethanol production. UNICA develops position papers,
statistics and specific research in support of Brazil’s sugar,
ethanol and bioelectricity sectors. In 2010, Brazil produced an
estimated 620 million metric tonnes of sugarcane, which yielded
38.1 million tonnes of sugar and 27.4 billion litres of ethanol,
making it the number-one sugarcane grower and sugar producer in the
world, and the second-largest ethanol producer on the planet,
behind the United States.

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