Mr. Fan Zeng Named HNA Group's General Culture and Art Consultant and Capital Airlines' Ambassador

By Hna Group, PRNE
Sunday, November 28, 2010

Art master helps HNA Group build strong corporate culture

BEIJING, November 29, 2010 - On November 26, Mr. Fan Zeng was appointed as HNA Group's general culture
and art consultant and Capital Airlines' ambassador at a ceremony held in the
Great Hall of the People, sparking discussions among people both inside and
outside of the industry.

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With 17 years of history, HNA Group has been committed to building itself
as a comprehensive operator in the modern service industry, and has achieved
great progress by leveraging opportunities that emerge in the ever-changing
world. After decades of dedication, Fan Zeng has become a front-runner in the
art community. What makes the tie-up between the two parties which are
devoted to different areas so successful?

Companies today are faced with more extensive social responsibilities due
to their increasingly diversified operations, and should promote social
progress and harmonious development by means of cultural philosophy. For this
reason, HNA Group, since its inception, has been absorbing the essence of
Chinese traditional culture, creating a unique corporate culture which serves
as the core competitiveness for its own development while inspiring
innovative thinking. By incorporating its ambition into culture, HNA Group
will create a core philosophy with artistic features, in a move to facilitate
the revival of the Chinese traditional culture. Mr. Fan Zeng is widely known
as a culture master skilled in poetry, calligraphy, paintings, history and
philosophy. With deep expertise, excellent art achievements, patriotic
sentiments and outstanding contributions to the cultural exchange between
China and the rest of the world, he has won the respect and admiration of
people from around the world.

The appointment of Mr. Fan Zeng as HNA Group's general culture and art
consultant and Capital Airlines' ambassador represents the second time for
both parties to cooperate, following the first starting from 2 May 2010 when
Beijing Capital Airlines was established. Mr. Fan Zeng acting as HNA Group's
general culture and art consultant is based on both parties' connection to
culture, while his role as Capital Airlines' ambassador is in view of Capital
Airlines' brand core of creating an airline with both Chinese traditional
culture background and modern innovation. Mr. Fan Zeng's pursuit of arts and
efforts to carry forward Chinese traditional culture are ideally consistent
with HNA Group's mission of reviving Chinese culture.

HNA Group-Fan Zeng Art Fund launched

"Asia's Number One Baritone" is the first fund prize receiver

At the event, HNA Group and Mr. Fan Zeng also launched the HNA Group-Fan
Zeng Art Fund, with their common sense of social responsibility, and Liao
Changyong, known as "Asia's Number One Baritone", was selected as the first
fund prize receiver. The fund granted RMB 500,000 to the artist in
recognition of his outstanding achievements in the world opera field and
contribution to Chinese vocal music.

HNA Group-Fan Zeng Art Fund is jointly funded by HNA Group and Mr. Fan
to promote the progress of Chinese culture and arts and boost the
interaction between Chinese culture and others in the world. The fund will
work closely with both Chinese and foreign culture and arts organizations for
a long time, and will regularly organize authoritative organizations and
individuals, in the name of Mr. Fan Zeng, to select Chinese artists as
beneficiaries of the fund, to honor their significant contribution to China's
cultural and arts undertakings.

HNA Group never forgets to reward the society and people during its
development process. The group views corporate social responsibility as a
strategy for its development, strongly promoting the enterprise culture
spirit of "reward the society and others". HNA Group hopes to support more
Chinese artists going global and making a positive contribution to the
development of China's culture and art cause via jointly establishing the art

Appointment ceremony attended by many leaders and distinguished
personages in literature and art

The activity, hosted by Zhao Zhongxiang and Olivia, is comprised of three
parts: "charm of painting and calligraphy" "sound of instruments and music "
and "global reputation". The activity is filled with culture tones and wins
help and support from all sectors of the community. Attending leaders include
He Luli, former vice-chairwoman of NPC Standing Committee, Du Qinglin, Vice
Chairman of Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) and
Head of the United Front Work Department of the CPC Central Committee, Li
Haifeng, Head of Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council, Qin
, Vice Chairman and Deputy Secretary of Party Committee of China
Federation of Literary and Art Circles, Ma Zhenchuan, Deputy Director of
Beijing Municipal People's Congress, Jiang Gongmin, Director-General of the
Beijing Municipal Cultural Bureau, Yang Jingmao, Vice President of National
Centre for the Performing Arts, Jiang Ping, Vice President of China Film
Group, Yang Liwei, Deputy Head of the China Manned Space Engineering Office,
Wang Jian, Vice Chairman and CEO of HNA Group, Liu Jiaxu, board member of HNA
Group and Hu Mingbo, Chairman of Beijing Capital Airlines. Distinguished
personages in literature and art, including Zhang Guoli, Song Zuying, Tang
Can, Wei Ji'an, Cai Guoqing and Guan Mucun also gathered in the Great Hall of
the People, adding more lustre to the activity.

Lv Siqing, one of the most famous violinists in China, also made his
appearance with melodious music as a gift for the event. The Children and
Young Women's Chorus of the China National Symphony Orchestra, one of the
world's top children's choruses, sang a song called "Let the World Fill with
Love", bringing a kind of "heaven's melody" to each attendance. The event
came to an end after Fan Zeng replied to the host Xu Gehui and guests and
talked about the significance of art to himself, the country and the people
around the theme of "the power of art", expressing the true meaning of art
with his great attainments in this field, and providing all of the guests
with a marvelous artistic journey.

About HNA Group

After 17 years of development, HNA Group has been transformed from a
single aviation transportation-oriented enterprise to an integrated operator
for the modern service industry. The group's offerings focus on aviation
tourism, modern logistic and modern finance service as three pillar
industries, and cover catering, hotel, travel, tourism, shopping and
entertainment as six major sectors. Until now, HNA Group, with total assets
of over RMB190 billion, has provided over 80,000 jobs.

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About Capital Airlines

Beijing Capital Airlines Co., Ltd. was jointly invested and established
by HNA Group and Beijing Tourism Group. With a registered capital of RMB1.5
, the airline provides international and domestic business tourism
charter flights, business jet rental, medical rescue flights and aircraft
hosting. As of now, Capital Airlines has 29 Airbus planes and uses several
cities as its operation bases, including Beijing, Guangzhou, Xi'an and Sanya.
Equipped with more than 120 air routes and 37 various luxurious business
jets, it boasts the largest business jet fleet in the Asia Pacific region,
and accounts for more than 90% of China's business jet charter market. The
company's aircraft can arrive in over 420 airports in more than 100
countries. In the next five years, the fleet of Capital Airlines is expected
to grow to more than 300 aircraft, plan featured route networks and fleet
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