Global Hotel Prices Drop 14%

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Figures Show Dubai Becomes a More Attractive Destination for International Travellers as Room Rates Fall

DUBAI, March 2, 2010 - The average price of a hotel room around the world fell by 14%
in 2009, according to the latest annual Hotel Price Index released
globally today. This 14% fall in room rates* was driven by price drops across
every continent.

Whilst hotel prices continued to fall globally throughout
2009, towards the end of the year the rate of falls started to level off. The
average price of a hotel room on a global level fell by 7% year on year in Q4
compared to 14% in Q3, 17% in Q2 and 16% in Q1. In fact across the year room
rates fell lower than the level set in January 2004, when the Hotel Price
Index was started.

For Travellers paying in US Dollars, Dubai became a more
attractive destination in 2009 as hotel rates in the city fell 25% from their
level the year before. Rates in Abu-Dhabi also dropped for those buying rooms
with US Dollars, falling by 17% year-on-year, lower than for any other

For UK visitors paying for hotel rooms in Sterling, room rates
in Dubai dropped a more modest 10% year on year, and rates for UK Travellers
to Abu Dhabi fell by a more modest 5%. For visitors paying in Euro, the year
on year room rates in Dubai dropped by 25% whilst Abu Dhabi rates in 2009
were down by 13% compare to 2008.

The visitor profile to Dubai also changed during 2009 with the business
and convention market not as buoyant as the previous 12 months. On the
flipside, 2009 proved to be a great year for the leisure market as travellers
were tempted to the Emirate by falling hotel prices enabling them to take
advantage of luxury for less. Italian and Scandinavian travellers
particularly benefited from new direct flights introduced in 2009, whilst the
French and German markets continued to bring holiday makers to the Emirate.

Across the world prices for hotel rooms in 2009 in North
were down by 14%, with rates in Europe dropping 13% during the same
period. Latin America was hardest hit with rates down 21% overall in 2009
compared to 2008. Asian hotel rates, which had been holding up better than
those in the U.S. or Europe in late 2008, dropped an average of 16% year on

The HPI tracks the real prices paid per hotel room
rather than advertised rates. It is based on prices actually paid by
customers for 94,000 properties across 16,000 locations around the world.

The latest HPI looks at hotel prices for the period January to
December 2009, compared to the same period the year before.

David Roche, President,, comments: "Step inside the time
machine, turn the dial back to 2003, and compare hotel prices around the
world then and now. What's changed? Not much. Our latest Hotel Price Index,
covering all of 2009, shows that prices fell globally by 14% on already weak
2008 figures, bringing consumer prices back to levels not seen since 2003.
Despite some possible first signs of hotel prices recovering in Europe and
the US in the last quarter of 2009, the promotions and great value look set
to continue for some time yet. 2010 promises to be another great year for the

The international scale of the makes the Hotel Price Index one
of the most comprehensive benchmarks available, as it incorporates both chain
and independent hotels, as well as options such as self-catering and bed and
breakfast properties.

* The HPI tracks the real prices paid per room by customers
around the world using a weighted average based on the number of rooms sold
in each of the markets that operates in.

Full details of the Hotel Price Index can be found at

Notes to Editors

Seventeen editions of the HPI are published globally. Country versions
reflecting hotel prices in local currencies are available for the US,
Australia, Japan, Canada (French and English), UK, Ireland, France, Germany,
Spain, Portugal, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark.


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