Icera Announces World's Smallest HSPA+ Voice & Data Platform for Android(TM) Smartphones

By Icera Inc, PRNE
Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Espresso(R)450 Platform Delivers 28Mbps HSPA+ in a Tiny Footprint

BRISTOL, England, January 27, 2011 - Icera Inc., the soft modem company, today announced it is
sampling the latest in its Espresso(R) platform series, targeted at HSPA+
smartphones. The Espresso(R)450 comprises Icera's latest baseband and RF
technology and delivers quad band HSPA+ up to 28Mbps together with full quad
band 2G/3G voice support functions in the industry's smallest footprint, a
tiny 700mm2.

Icera is already recognized as the performance leader in high
speed cellular data technology, but the Espresso(R)450 platform is the first
to combine this with a complete radio interface layer for the Android(TM)
operating system and full validated voice technology. As a result, phone
manufacturers can now build products combining the world's most powerful
communications modem with their choice of the highest performance application
processors to offer truly unique user experiences in the thinnest, lightest
form factors, scaleable from 2G to 3G to 4G.

Stan Boland, President & CEO, Icera Inc. said: "Icera has
evolved quickly from its start-up phase to being established now as one of
only two major vendors in the data-intensive mobile broadband chipset market,
with Icera being famous for continuously offering the world's highest
performing chipsets. We are now taking the important step of applying this
knowhow to the much larger Smartphone market. We're sure to produce the same
results - transformation in user experience, much smaller form factors, new
competitive cost points - and now with great voice quality too."

Espresso(R)450 uses Icera's latest radio technology, the Livanto(R)
ICE9225 multi-mode transceiver and Livanto(R) ICE8065 soft baseband
processor. Implemented in low power 65nm CMOS technology, the ICE9225 radio
delivers an unprecedented level of integration in a small 6×6 package.
ICE8065 comes in a small 7×7 package and is the latest in a new generation of
40nm soft baseband chips which runs all of the modem physical layer, protocol
stack, voice codecs, echo cancellation, noise reduction and equalization in
software. The result is that the Espresso(R)450 platform delivers a high
performance modem platform scaleable from 2G to 3G to 4G.

Icera's entry into the smartphone market is set to drive a new
wave of innovation and differentiation among smartphone manufacturers by
allowing a new choice of selecting the best modem to partner with the best
application processor without compromise. This permits super-fast product
development cycles for new high performance phones which is a major factor
for success in the fast-growing Android(TM)-based market.

Icera is engaged with leading application processor partners
on pre-integration of the Espresso(R)450 platform with the latest application
processor platforms to accelerate the fast design of complete smartphones.
Samples of first phones using Espresso(R)450 will be showing at Mobile World
Congress in Barcelona next month and first products are expected to ship in
late 2011.

About Icera

Icera is a fabless semiconductor company, pioneering software-defined
modem chipsets for the fast growing smartphone and Mobile Broadband device
markets. Icera technology delivers the highest performance modem solutions
with the smallest silicon die size for USB dongles, laptops, netbooks and
smartphones. Icera technology supports 4G (LTE), 3G (HSPA) and 2G standards.
Founded in 2002, Icera is headquartered in the UK, with design locations in
the UK, France, USA and China, with customer engineering and sales offices in
Europe, Asia and the USA. For more information, visit the Icera web site at

For further information, please contact: Sally Doherty, Icera Inc., Tel: +44(0)1454-284800, Email: sally at

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