Imm Cologne and LivingKitchen Presenting Home Life Trends 2011

By Koelnmesse Gmbh, PRNE
Wednesday, January 12, 2011

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COLOGNE, Germany, January 13, 2011 - It's been called "homing" for years: that magical word, that
complete residential concept. Nature, genuineness and heartfelt cordiality
are the order of the day.

And for this, there are cosy sofas, fireplace-heated rooms, plush
carpets, walls of natural stone, solid wood dressers. Natural materials like
wood, glass, stone have become readily available, along with a colour palette
in nature's spectrum. People are becoming more sensitive to the resources of
this world. It's worth noting here that discussion of the "cradle to cradle"
approach is beginning. This aims at virtually one hundred percent recovery of
all components, and opposes their disposal on the rubbish heap, or their
incineration. Increasingly, raw materials are being re-used. Some European
furniture manufacturers are already pursuing this prudent approach today.

At imm cologne 2011 and LivingKitchen, roughly 110,000 furniture
pieces are on display. Nearly 30 percent of these are completely new
innovations. Given all the diversity, there will always be furniture and
furnishings that enjoy particularly strong demand:

What stays?

    - Megacolour "white" in fabric covers and in surfaces

    - "Kitchen-Dining-Living" as one spatial unit

    - Furniture that is equally beautiful from behind, because it is

    - Walk-in closets

    - Fireplaces that run on bioalcohol

    - Dining armchairs that let you sit comfortably for a long while

    - Rectangular dining tables

    - Induction hobs, energy-saving electric appliances, steam

What's coming?

    - Private spa oases that merge bedroom and bathroom

    - Dark wood in combination with glass and stainless steel.

    - Premium-grade green-line furniture

    - "Eyecatching" lamps

    - "Granny-look" upholstery fabrics and accessories, like floral

    - The zest for colourful accentuation - with LED light - for
      kitchen, closets, sideboads

    - Garden furniture that looks like living room or lounge

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