Is Worrying About the Environment Keeping You Up at Night? A Penguin Might Be the Answer

By Pissed Off Penguins, PRNE
Wednesday, November 30, 2011

HASSELT, Belgium, December 1, 2011 -

You would be forgiven for not knowing that we are almost a week into the climate talks in Durban, South Africa. However, the thought of global warming does not appear to be keeping many awake at night. For those people who are pre-occupied with the problem, but do not know what to do, there is a simple solution:

The idea behind the website is simple: visitors to the site can send a fully CO2-neutral penguin to Durban in South Africa to add its name to the protests against the lack of initiative shown by our world leaders in tackling global warming effectively. A satellite image allows people around the world to view the number of penguins already protesting around the conference centre.

A teeming mass of penguins is starting to gather in their own igloo around the conference building in Durban in the restricted access zone. People sending their penguins can meet up and chat with others there. The aim is to use social media to encourage people to send their penguins. The idea is to create a massive virtual protest to spur world leaders into action.

The people behind the idea want to emphasise that is an independent, non-profit initiative which has grown out of engagement with, and an awareness of, the environment with a single banner headline: “World leaders stop global warming, NOW”

Inspired by the role social media played in the Arab Spring, the organisers want to employ the internet to ensure that real solutions are provided this time around in the fight against global warming.  

The Pissed Off Penguins is an initiative by four Belgian enterpreneurs who were tired of standing on the sidelines, wanting to act against global warming themselves. They wanted to do this in a way that showed social media could also be useful in protecting our environment.

For information: The website will request your email address. There are two reasons for this: to verify you exist and offer all visitors to the site the opportunity to exchange messages with each other. The information will never be shared with third parties.

For more information call Jo Peters: +32-476-77-28-79 - Jan Van Orshoven: +32-476-88-30-24 - Peter Claes: +32-478-58-47-90.

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